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Shocking Revelation to Polo G Net Worth: Find Out Now!

Polo G Net Worth
Polo G Net Worth

Konnichiwa minna san! Genki Desu Ka?

Oops sorry, I went all Japanese on you folks, probably the effect of anime is still on me. But you have nothing to worry about. I will not take your time to gossip about anime but would rather provide you with the answers to your questions. 

Polo G or Taurus Tremani Bartlett is an American rapper. His stage name is Polo G. From what people came to know about him, is definitely through the release of his singles.

Before we further talk about it, I will first start by discussing his net worth.

Polo G Net Worth

As you know by now, he is a very famous rapper and songwriter in America. Earlier his net worth was in the thousand but as we checked his profile, we saw that his fame took him by a new term. And now the famous person’s worth is in millions.

In 2022, the rapper’s net worth has touched $7 million. Yeah, as I said, his life took a new turn with his career bringing him luck and success. Polo G’s income is $50,000 and is still counting. 

As his major works were released in 2017, so did his salary. In 2017, his net worth touched $4.5 million, and the year next it was $5 million. Each year it increased, and now we know how it touched $7 million. And in the upcoming years, it will rise again. 

He owns several real estate properties and also a huge house in Chicago. His properties are also there in LA, Texas, and in several other places. This is what a millionaire’s life would sound like. 

And not to forget the range of luxurious cars he owns, which is also a part of his huge asset. 

Polo G Early Life

Polo G Net Worth
Polo G

Born on January 6, 1999, in Chicago his career as a rapper began right from a very early age. He used to send some mixtapes and post them on social media. Which became a very easy way for him to gain some loyal followers and later fans. 

He was often seen collaborating with celebrities, if you are a frequent visitor of television channels you might have seen him on screen. 

While in high school he often used to write down poems and even slam poems which were greatly appreciated by his English Teacher. Who in turn encouraged him to pursue his career as a poet. He later confessed that it was because of his teacher he could take the next step and become a successful rapper. 

Polo G even shared that, he thought of taking Broadcasting as his major. But in the nth hour, he decided to sail the ship as a musician and he really did ace his decision. 

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Polo G Career

His voice skills and his passion to write lyrics drove him on his path as a successful rapper. As he chose his passion to be his future career, he did become a successful musician.

It’s his own mother who is his manager in the industry. 

He released his first ever song on YouTube in 2017. Then in 2018, he released a track called, Polo G’s. While he served his years in prison he released his record, Finer Things, which in no time gained him a huge success.

It was his first album, Die a Legend which earned him a massive success, and the copies that sold earned him millions. 

The four albums that he released became the source of his fame and glory. During the years he released several other songs as well. Now he is quite a famous personality who has a huge fan base. Audiences, too wait for his songs to make it to the platforms for them to listen to and enjoy.

If you already know him you must have heard his songs. If not then visit YouTube or Spotify and listen to his raps. I am sure you will love them immediately. 

Deep Wounds, Battle Cry, Heartless and Effortless, are some of his hit songs that rocked as soon as they aired.

His 2019 hits are a must for you folks who enjoy listening to rap music. 

Polo G Personal Life

Polo G Net Worth
Polo G

The rapper has not tied the marriage strings yet. Currently, he is dating Crystal Blease.

Crystal is a very famous personality on TikTok. She is indeed famous as her fans enjoy scrolling through the funny videos that she creates. Recently during the lockdown, she made a huge fan base as her hilarious videos were truly laughter gas for all.

Now she and Polo G, often come together and create funny videos for their fans.

You can visit their Instagram handle and enjoy the funny reels that the duo creates. And especially Crystal’s, she will surely have you rolling on the floor. 

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