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Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Release Date!

Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Release Date
Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Release Date

The series is executive made by Caroline Fraser, Head of HarperCollins Productions, and Ricardo Curtis and Wes Lui from House of Cool. However, there are no updates on Season 2 yet. The co-executive producer and showrunner are Steve Altiere and Jennifer Contrucci of HarperCollins Productions is additionally a co-executive producer. The animation studio chargeable for style and story is House of Cool, and also the animation studio chargeable for CG is Sat Animation. Tony Wagner served because of the info professional on the series. Pretzel and the Puppies are each fun and informative, providing adolescent viewers the prospect of expertise instructional diversion that perpetually enriches their minds while conjointly keeping their undivided attention. The primary season consists of eight episodes, per Apple TV+, and it’s safe to assume that the streaming service has high hopes for this new series, particularly given their recent crop of animated favorites.

Season 1 of this show premiered on 11th February 2022. So it has just been recently released, and there are no official announcements or news heard of the next season or when it will release. Although the series is predicated on the beloved canine from the classic book “Pretzel” by triumph authors Margret and H.A. Rey, creators of “Curious George,” the first series could be a news article regarding the fashionable dog family led by stay-at-home daddy cracker, his 5 lovable dachshund puppies, and mommy Greta, the civil authority of Muttgomery. Pretzel here could be a modern stay-at-home dog mentioning 5 dachshund puppies whereas Mamma dog, Greta, works because of the civil authority of Muttgomery. The animation caters to the alternatives of pre-school children and engages them in fun adventures, all the while teaching them valuable lessons. We will let you know if we will find out about something related to Season 2.

Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned earlier, there are no updates on Season 2 yet so we cannot tell you when it will release. Once we will come to know then we will surely tell you. Season 1 was released on 11th Feb 2022.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Pretzel and the Puppies Season 1 Release Date11 February 2022
Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Release Date


Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Story

As there is no news on Season 2 so we do not know about the story of it as well. But we do know about Season 1. Mark Duplass and Nasim Pedrad lend their voices to the roles of Pretzel and Greta, severally, whereas newcomers Milo Stein, Alex Jayne Go, Max Mitchell, Amari McCoy, and Gracen Newton are detected as their precious pups. Courtesy of the footage during this promotional teaser, we tend to learn that this contemporary canine family is usually trying to find new and exciting ways to “make their bark” within the world. Therefore, Greta and Pretzel continuously encourage their children to resolve their issues as best they’ll whereas conjointly reminding them to “Get those PAWS UP!.

Pretzel and the Puppies Season 1 Recap

Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Release Date
Pretzel and the Puppies

Pretzel and the Puppies is an animated children’s TV series supported by the beloved 1946 book of an equivalent title by Margret and H.A. Rey (Curious George). The series follows Pretzel, the world’s longest dachshund, his married woman Greta, and their 5 fun-loving puppies. The family engages in adventures and problem-solving whereas learning different social-emotional skills in the manner. Every episode includes 2 stories packed with energy, creativity, and curiosity. The themes of the show embody serving your friends and neighbors, the importance of family, and finding solutions. Pretzel and also the Puppies isn’t the primary time Margret and H.A.’s works are delivered to the screen. We have seen many animated variations of Curious George in the past, together with the 2006 picture show and also the long-running PBS children series, that is currently on Peacock.

Pretzel and the Puppies Season 1 Characters

Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Release Date
Pretzel and the Puppies

The main cast is Nasim Pedrad, Alex Jayne Go, and Amari McCoy. Nasim Pedrad (born November eighteen, 1981) is an American actor and comedian best notable for her 5 seasons as a cast member on Sat Night Live (1975) from 2009 to 2014. Alex Jayne Go is an Asian-American kid actor and voiceover artist from Orange County, CA. Amari McCoy is an Ethiopian born and California raised, Amari, is deeply connected to her Ethiopian roots, however conjointly loves learning about alternative cultures.

Where to Watch Pretzel and the Puppies Season 1?

It is available on AppleTV+. You can watch it there.


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