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Ray Epps Net Worth: Shocking Revealtions Made!

Ray Epps Net Worth
Ray Epps Net Worth

Ray Epps is known as a former US Marine and a former member of the Arizona branch of Oath Keepers. He is best known for his unfounded conspiracy theories about his involvement in the 2021 attack on the United States Capitol. On January 5, 2021, a crowd of supporters of former President Donald Trump attacked the U.S. Capitol, delaying confirmation of then-President Joe Biden’s election victory the day before a man was filmed and voted the next day. I urged people to do so “Peacefully” at the Parliament Building. The video wasn’t getting much attention at the time, but in the weeks and months that followed, the person, who many identified as “Ray Epps” and later was said to have been organized by federal parliamentarians. Became a central figure in the alleged conspiracy theory. Parliament Building, Leading Readers to Search for Snopes for Information about Him. Epps owns Knotty Barn, a venue for weddings and events in Queen Creek, Arizona. According to the Daily Mail, the 60-year-old is also a retired US Marine Corps. Epps is also a supporter of Trump and appears to have a long-standing relationship with Oath Keepers, a far-right rebel militia formed shortly after the 2008 election of former President Barack Obama.

Ray Epps Net Worth

Ray Epps is one of the most popular and wealthiest basketball players. Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider all say Ray Epps has a net worth of about $ 1.5 Million. Two public sources, IMDb and Wikipedia, state that the Ray Epps variety is unknown. This article changes Ray Epps’ religious and political views. According to our records, Ray Epps may be single and has never been involved. Ray Epps is not dating anyone as of May 2022. Ray Epps is 6 feet 6 tall, weighs unknown, and body measurements will be updated shortly.

Ray Epps Personal Life

Ray Epps Net Worth
Ray Epps Net Worth

There is no evidence that Ray is a federal agent or is working with the government. A bipartisan committee investigating the attacks on the Capitol on January 11, 2022, and January 6, 2021, asked Epps that he was “not employed, uncooperative, or cooperating with law enforcement agencies.” It’s not useful”. An agency and he was never an FBI informant. At the time of writing this article in January 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI allegedly involved more than 725 people involved in the attack on the Capitol. The law enforcement agencies have focused primarily on those who have invaded the Capitol. The claim that Epps is an undercover investigator is largely based on the fact that Epps was not arrested. But the evidence available is that Epps never entered the US Capitol, the main factor behind the FBI’s arrest and that he tried to quell the violence between police and protesters is showing. It’s much more likely that the reason Epps wasn’t arrested wasn’t that he was (reportedly) working with the FBI, but because the FBI decided he wasn’t committing a crime.


Ray Epps Career

Ray Epps is a retired Marine associated with a far-right rebel militia group based in Washington, D.C. He traveled to attend the Stop the Steal rally to uphold Trump’s false allegations that the 2020 elections were stolen. While in D.C., Epps was filmed telling other Trump supporters to “peacefully” go to the US Capitol. In another video, you can see Epps escalating the battle between police and protesters. There is no evidence that Epps went to the Capitol on his own or that he committed another crime. At the time of this writing, Epps has not been charged with crimes related to the January 6th attack.

Ray Epps Early Life

In October, at a parliamentary hearing, Congressman Massy replayed a recording of Epps asking Attorney General Merrick Garland about the plot by which FBI agents instigated violence on January 6. Green and Gates, celebrating the first anniversary of the attack on the Capitol, held a press conference to discuss the false allegations that the FBI had organized the riots. According to a Mail Online report, the 60-year-old woman runs a wedding hall and hospitality business at Rocking R Farm from Queen Creek Ranch, just outside Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2011, it was previously revealed that Epps was the president of the Arizona branch of the far-right Oath Keepers. Since then, it’s unclear if Epps has broken the relationship with the group.


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