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Reggie Bush Net Worth: How Rich Is the NFL Player?

Reggie Bush Net Worth
Reggie Bush Net Worth

And here we are back with another hot topic. Have you heard the name of Bush? If you have, you must be knowing what value he holds in the current day. If not, then what are we for?

We will talk about his current net worth, his personal, earlier life and also his relationship.

NFL fans, be ready to get a peek at the personal life of the player. 

Reggie Bush’s Net Worth

The former football player’s net worth will shock the very breath out of you. So, let’s begin with it then. 

Considered to be one of the best players of the 21st century he did grab onto all the opportunities he got in his football career. And moreover, the opportunities were all a win-win situation for me.

His exact net worth is something which will bring a matter of debate. But if we check his past and present record, we can bring down the value to be approximately between $25 to $30 million.

In 2016 he signed a contract with The Buffalo Bills for one year with a $1.5 million check. 

And in his career as a NFL player he used to earn a salary of $60 million. 

But if we go through his records then his present net worth stands to be $30 million. But back in 2021, it was $28 million. And in 2020 it was $26 million. So yep, it’s rising every year. 

So yeah, the retired footballer’s net worth is presented before you. Now let’s see what his early life was like.

Reggie Bush Early Life

Reggie Bush Net Worth
Reggie Bush Early Life

Reginald Alfred Bush Jr. or Reggie Bush was born in San Diego on March 2nd, 1985. 

Named after his biological father, as his mother married again following her divorce from her first husband.

Bush won the Silver Pigskin trophy. He along with his stepbrother attended the Helix High School in California. 

In his high school days, he played for the team, U.S. Army All-American Bowl and he was named as the #1 running back. He was placed second in the 100-metre final. 

In 2005 Reggie Bush was the only American from the team who won the Heisman, breaking the record of all time. 

In the year 2006, he made the decision to enter the NFL and started playing for them after leaving USC. This moulded the beginning of his already bright future as a footballer. 

He played 11 seasons for the NFL when he was only 33 years old at that time. 

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Reggie Bush’s Personal Life

In his jersey sales, 25% of the profit went to rehabilitation efforts, he donated the amount to them after the hurricane that struck in 2006. 

Bush even organised a charitable event and named it after his name, in order to help raise funds for their own projects serving non-profits from the same. 

Now speaking for his awards, he also won the Walter Camp Award and Doak Walker Award. 

In 2010 he was seen appearing on the cover of a magazine, Black Men, Love & Relationships.

In this match that was in the same year, he broke the bone of his right leg making him drop many games for the same year. But he recovered soon and was again back on the field to strike more goals. 

He was also voted AFC offensive player two times in a row. 

The amount he holds in his account, he spends most of it on his luxurious cars and the estates he owns. 

The former American player is now 37 years old.

Reggie Bush Relationship

Reggie Bush Net Worth
Reggie Bush

His dating life can surely be a table topic. He has dated many women before he finally tied his knot. 

He was even in a relationship with Kim Kardashian for 3 years. After he broke up with Kim, he started dating Melyssa Ford. Not long after they broke up, he dated several other women. 

In 2011 Reggie Bush started dating Lilit Avagyan. They dated for three years straight although he was in and out of a relationship with Kim at that time. But Bush and Lilit finally vowed, “I do”, in July 2014. Now they are blessed with three beautiful children.

Now that you know who he is you might find his games available online. if you are interested you can watch them anytime.

You can even follow Bush and his wife on their social media handles if you are interested to have a look at their pictures together.

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