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Release Dates

Restless 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Restless 2 Release Date
Restless 2 Release Date

Restless, also known as, Sans repit in French, is an action thriller film of French origin that was released in the year 2022.  The film is directed by Regis Blondeau. The film follows the story of a rogue police officer, whose life and career are turned upside down when he decides to hide evidence from the authorities. The script for the movie Restless (2022) is written by Julien Colombani and Regis Blondeau and its stars Franck Gastambide, Michael Abiteboul, and Simon Abkarian in the lead roles. The movie Restless is based on a South Korean film titled A Hard Day, which was directed by Kim Seong Hun and released in the year 2014. Restless was released on the Netflix streaming platform on 25 February in the year 2022 and has a runtime of 1 hour and 35 minutes. The film is in the French language but is also dubbed in the English language along with English subtitles for its international viewers. The film is produced by Thomas Bruxelle and Julien and Colombani. The music and soundtrack for the film Restless, are composed by Paul Marie Barbier and Julien Grunberg. The cinematography for the film is done by Danny Elsen and the editing is done by Baxter. The casting director for Restless is Michael Bier and the assistant casting director is Swan Pham. The production design was carried out by Tom Darmstaedter and the costume designer is Mimi Lempicka. The visual effects for the film are done by Aurelian Andrueta, Aline Belot, Thomas Geiger, Tony Kock, Caroline Lasselin, Coline Sapin, Mikael Tanguay, Julien Van De Velde, Johanna Olombel, Romain Perrin and Helene Vanovre.

Restless 2 Release Date

Restless 2 Release Date

The movie Restless was released on 22 February in the year 2022 on the Netflix streaming platform. The release date for part 2 of the movie Restless has not been announced since Netflix has not renewed the movie for a second part. There has been no indication or announcements from Netflix or the director of the movie about a possible sequel.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Restless Release Date22 February 2022
Restless 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Restless 2 Release Date


Restless 2 Story

The film’s protagonist is Thomas Blin (portrayed by Franck Gastambide), who is a rogue lieutenant in a coastal city of France. Thomas, along with his partner Marc, earns meager salaries as police officers. To earn extra income, they take bribes from criminals who run the drug shipments which pass through the port facility. This system works for both the police officers as well as the criminals until it is disrupted by an Internal Affairs investigation. Thomas learns of the arrival of the Internal Affairs officers and leaves his mother’s body at the hospital where it is being put into a coffin, and rushes to the police precinct to hide the cash and all evidence of bribery. However, on his way to the station, he accidently hits a man with his car and puts the man’s body in the trunk of his car, along with making sure that there are no eyewitnesses. In a desperate attempt to hide the body, he shoves the dead body along with his mother’s body, in her coffin. All this while, Thomas’ partner Marc and detective Naomi run interference for him with the Internal Affair officers. This leads Thomas to believe that he got away clean until he learns that the man that he hit with his car is a wanted drug smuggler named Barcelo. Barcelo is most wanted by a shady and dirty narcotics captain named Marelli, who reveals to Thomas that he knows about the hit and run incident and blackmails him to bring Barcelo’s body to him. As the pressure mounts on Thomas, who is threatened and blackmailed by Marielli, Thomas must figure out a way to turn the tables on Marelli and get away with his crimes scot-free.

Restless 2 Cast and Characters

The role of Thomas is portrayed by Franck Gastambide. The character of Marelli is portrayed by Simon Akbarian and the character of Marc is portrayed by Michael Abiteboul. Other supporting characters include Naomi (portrayed by Tracy Gotoas), Agathe (portrayed by Jemima West), Louise (portrayed by Victoire Zenner), and Commissioner Vaubour (portrayed by Serge Hazanavicious).

Restless 2 Trailer

Restless 2 Release Date

The trailer for part 2 of Restless has not been released since the movie has not been renewed for a second part.

Where to Watch Restless?

Restless can be viewed online on Netflix.


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