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Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date Latest News!

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2
Ritmo Salvaje Season 2

Ritmo Salvaje, also known as Savage Rhythm in its English translation, is a soap TV show of Colombian origin. Its main theme is music and dance. The show falls in the dance and drama genre. It features Colombian actresses Greeicy Rendón and Paulina Dávila as the protagonists of the show. In this series, the two different worlds of two dancers unexpectedly collide as their passion for dance and fame leads them down a dangerous path.

The show is directed by Simon Brand who is known in Colombian film circles for his 2008 feature film titled Paraiso Travel. Simon Brand is also known for directing music videos for famous singers such as Celia Cruz, Chayanne, Westlife, Steps and Gabrielle, Enrique Iglesias, Paulina Rubio, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Thalía, Juanes, and Jessica Simpson.

Simon is also a two-time Grammy Award nominee. He brings this experience of his to the Ritmo Salvaje dance-drama series. Simon Brand is not the only director of the show. Few episodes of Ritmo Salvaje are also directed by Rafael Martínez Moreno and Andrés Beltrán. Arlen Torres is the showrunner.  The show is written by Juliana Barrera. The executive producers of the show are Simon Brand, Amparo Gutierrez, Dago Garcia, Catalina Porto, and Arlen Torres. The casting for Ritmo Salvaje was done by Brooke Newton. The series began streaming on Netflix as a result of a deal signed between Colombian broadcast network Caracol Television and Netflix.

Season 1 of the show premiered on Netflix on 2 March in the year 2022 and ran for 8 episodes. The runtime of each episode varies between 27-49 minutes. The series is originally in Spanish but has been dubbed into English for a global audience. The show has gained worldwide popularity since it started streaming on Netflix due to Netflix’s global reach.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Ritmo Salvaje premiered on Netflix on 2 March 2022. It has since gained worldwide popularity even though it has a rating of 4.9/10 on IMDb. With Netflix looking to expand its international portfolio, it is expected that the show will be renewed for a second season although there is no official news from the creators of the show or Netflix executives.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 1 Release Date 2 March 2022
Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release DateNot announced
Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Story

The storyline for season 2 has not yet been released since the show has not yet been renewed by Netflix.


Ritmo Salvaje Season 1 Recap

Season 1 of Ritmo Salvaje premiered on Netflix on 2 March in the year 2022. It consisted of 8 episodes and the runtime of each episode varies from 27 to 50 minutes.

In episode 1, we are introduced to Greeicy Rendón and Paulina Dávila’s characters named Karina and Antonia respectively. In order to impress the Royal dance group’s new artistic director, Paulina Davila’s character Antonia seeks inspiration from Pura Kaye, which is a dance group, in order to improve her dance routine. Greeicy Rendon’s character Karina and her dance group receive an exciting job offer. In episode 2, Karina tries to help Antonia.

Romantic sparks fly between Antonia and Checho after he sees her dancing. Mateo secretly follows Antonia to Karina’s house. In the third episode, Bombita makes a dangerous mistake after which repaying the money for the trip turns into a life-or-death situation. Karina helps Antonia and Jacob get back to good terms. In episode 4, Ximena is in danger due to Checho’s debt. Karina joins rehearsals after a falling out with Pura Kaye. Mateo exacts revenge on Checho.

In episode 5, the dancers get upset after Karina accepts the position of the lead actor. Checho is helped by Antonia. Antonia offers a proposal to Chama, Bombi, and Ximena. In episode 6, Antonia tries to work with Joy. Karina struggles with the lead role. In episode 7, Checho helps out Ximena who is stuck in a dangerous situation. Mateo makes a risky decision that could land him in trouble. In the season finale, Antonia agrees to Miranda’s proposal. Karina tries to take revenge on the Royal. An accident takes place during filming.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Characters

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date

Paulina Davila portrays Antonia. Greeicy Rendon portrays Karina. Cristina Warner plays the role of Miranda. David Palacio plays the role of Checho and Angela Cano portrays the role of Ximena.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 is not available as the show has not yet been renewed for a new season. The trailer for season 1 can be viewed on YouTube.

Where to Watch Ritmo Salvaje Online?

Ritmo Salvaje Season 1 can be viewed on Netflix in Spanish and English language.


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