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Robert Herjavec Net Worth: Is He A Billionare?

Robert Herjavec Net Worth
Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Born on 14th September 1962, Robert Herjavec is a Canadian and also Croatian businessman, investor, and also television personality. BRAK systems were founded by Robert Herjavec and he is also the Canadian integrator of Internet security software later he sold it to AT&T Canada now it is known as Allstream INC. One of the largest information technology and computer security in Canada was founded by Robert Herjavec in the year 2003. It has approximately $200 Million in annual revenue. In the CBC television series which was named Dragons Den, Robert Herjavec was seen featuring, and also he was seen appearing in the ABC’s version of the series Shark Tank in which he was an investor. To be advanced in business, he has written several books and also published them. Also, the Ernst and Young Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Technology was been awarded to Robert Herjavec in the year 2012.  Also, he was been rewarded with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal which was given by the Governor-General of Canada for his outstanding service in Canada in the year 2012.

Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Robert Herjavec Net Worth
Robert Herjavec

$200 Million is the net worth of Robert Herjavec. He is also a Canadian businessman and investor and he is also a television personality. Because of his appearance in the television series Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec became popular and millions of people became familiar with him. In the television show Shark Tank, he assesses business startup proposals and also ideals with are being pit forwarded by contestants. In the show Dragon’s Den, he was seen starring which is the Canadian version, and after that, he gained fame and earned millions of fan following.

He is also a successful entrepreneur besides acting in television shows and series. Based on Internet Security, the venture capitalist started a very impressive empire and it is also the most successful story of the immigrant who was usually based in Canada. In the film industry, Robert found his work as an Assistant Director but eventually, there were very long breaks between the productions and his schedule. He used to apply for jobs as he was in need of earning money during these breaks. Later, for a company called Logiquest, he need to sell computer equipment was one of the jobs. Eventually, he was qualified and thus he convinced the job’s management to take him as an unpaid intern and give him a try for at least 6 months. He did so well that he soon climbed the ladder to become the general manager of that company.

Robert Herjavec Early Life

Born in the year 1962, Robert Herjavec took birth in Varazdin, SFR, Yugoslavia which is presently known as Croatia. He was grown and raised by his family in Zbjeg. The family of Robert Herjavec left the country when he was only eight years old in the year 1970. The country in which they were going to shift, was the country in which Robert’s father whose name is Vladimir was incarcerated for speaking against the regime. For this issue, Robert gave the explanation that his father Vladimir used to drink a little and then they used to say very bad things about Communism and for this, he was being thrown in jail 22 times just because of being an anti-Communist. Just with a single suitcase, Robert with his family came to Halifax, Nova Scotia and for only $20.

For 18 months, the family used to stay in one of the family friend’s house’s basement, and then they eventually settled in Toronto. The transition was very difficult for Robert because he didn’t know how to speak English. Robert found himself in a very poor condition compared to his neighbors. He was raised and grew up by his grandmother with similar lifestyles to that of his neighbors. In Mississauga, in one of the factories, Robert’s father got a job in which he earns around $76 per week. Robert describes his father as he tells his father that he is a really tough guy as he is the only one to influence in his life. One day, Robert came to his mother to complain that his friends were making fun of him. His father used to walk to work to save money on bus fares he heard what his son described in telling his son to never complain. Later, her mother convinced his father to buy a vacuum cleaner for $500 which was his 7 weeks salary. When he arrived, Robert Herjavec barely speak English and he was frequently ridiculed by his classmates. He was very low in economic class and he was struggling a lot. Robert was admitted to the University of Toronto in the year 1984. Later, even though he struggled a lot, he became a very prominent entrepreneur, and also his university education didn’t reflect this fact. With a degree in English, literature, and political science, he left post-secondary education. Though, the qualifications were not enough for well-paying jobs. The only job Robert was getting was for waiting tables, and delivering newspapers, and he was taking a range of other minimum wages jobs in order to help support his family.


Robert Herjavec Personal Life

Robert Herjavec Net Worth
Robert Herjavec

Nowadays, Robert Herjavec owns a house in the Bridle Path, Toronto, area. The mansion that he owns today was for $7.5 Million and has been host to Michael Buble, John Travolta, and Bono. Robert was also seen featuring in the MTV Cribs, Joan Rivers TV show How’d You Get So Rich? And also for the show named the Rolling Stones Tour Video. Many other vacation homes are now being owned by Robert Herjavec. Also, he is a runner and an avid golfer. In the year 2010, he was seen playing in the Canadian charity open which was eventually sponsored by Royal Bank of Canada and the venue was Royal St George’s Golf Club. Also, in the year 2010, he bravely defeated New York City Marathon and also in Miami Marathon which happened in the year 2009. As a scuba diver, he was given the certificate by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

He is also the owner of several Ducati motorcycles. Car racing is the major passion of Robert Herjavec. In the Ferrari Challenge, he eventually competes. In the North American Ferrari Challenge Series, Robert again bravely defeated as #007 for the Herjavec Group Racing team, and then in 2011, he won the Rookie of the year title. The one thing that took Robert’s mental state was the divorce. Robert was in very bad condition that he, unfortunately, thought about suicide and was gone into depression. Due to his very bad mental state, he was more involved in the charity, and also he donated enough shelter to the homeless people in Seattle. Eventually, through Dancing with the Stars, he met his second wife, and both married after some months of their relationship. The couple gave birth to twins in the year 2017. In Toronto, he has a mansion that is worth $7.5 Million. In the year 2015, Robert’s $34.5 Million is around $13 Million which is very less than the seller paid.


Robert Herjavec Career

Robert Herjavec worked in many various productions as the third assistant director in the mid-1980s. The work he used to do includes Cain and Abel and also The Return of Billy Jack. At the Winter Olympics which was held in Sarajevo, Robert was the field producer for Global TV. One of the fastest-growing technology companies in Canada is the Herjavec Group which was founded by Robert Herjavec in the year 2003. It is also the country’s largest information technology security provider and eventually, the company has grown from 3 employees with sales of $400,000 in the year 2003 and has now raised to $200 Million in annual revenue. Later, one incident happened in which the fake account was copied into the official financial projection documents. $100,000 for a 10% stock is the most successful investment made by Robert in the show in sweater company Tipsy Elves.

Aura Bora is also the other company in which Robert has invested in an herbal sparkling water. As a part of Dragon’s Den which is one of the most wonderful Reality Show in Canada, Robert Herjavec won three Gemini Awards. In the year 2013, Robert was rewarded with the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Robert wanted to develop a strong passion as he lived in a very bad condition when he was a child, he created a better life for himself and it paid off. In North America, Robert Herjavec is the most successful business nowadays. His second wife was an Australian dancer whose name was Kym Johnson. According to reports, there is no information about his first wife as Robert is not in favor to discuss his personal life in public. The couple met at one of the reality shows named Dancing with The Stars but they eventually got eliminated and later finished at the 6th position. The only thing that made Robert Herjavec self-sufficient was his dedication and hard work to achieve something in life and today all of us know where he is and where he stands.


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