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Shocking Revelation to Robert Stigwood Net Worth!

Robert Stigwood Net Worth
Robert Stigwood Net Worth

Robert Colin Stigwood was a music entrepreneur and film producer from the UK. He was also known for his impresario, where he used to manage; Andy Gibb, Bee Gees and also Cream. 

Stigwood used to manage his productions including; Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar.

 Robert left earth on 4 January 2016. And at this time his net worth came into the eyes of the public. And let me tell you guys the amount is humongous. Be prepared then! 

Find out more about his salary, life, and career in the article below. 

Robert Stigwood’s Net Worth

Robert Stigwood Net Worth
Robert Stigwood

At the time of his death, his estimated net worth was $300 million which was in 2006. The value of his net worth adds to the music publishing empire he sold. 

His role as manager and producer is what earned him a name back in his days and for what people still remember him to date.

Over three years span his movie projects in Paramount Pictures earned him a net value of about $1 billion. And in today’s market, that amount is equivalent to somewhere around $5 billion. 

His every copy of “Saturday Night Fever”, sold at about $4. The former album sold 22 million copies worldwide. Now in today’s market value if we adjust the amount then we come across a humongous amount, that being $430 million!

He even owned a yacht which is considered to be the biggest yacht anyone owned in history, until he sold it. 

After buying an acre of land he bought a house back at 1.5 million pounds, which he again sold at a market price of about 9 million pounds.

Considering the amounts, we can surely agree on the fact that he was one rich man. 

When he took his last breath on 4 January 2016, one obituary stated that he was one of the most powerful tycoons in the entertainment industry. Sadly, his demise broke the hearts of many people around the globe. 

Robert Stigwood’s Early Life

Robert Stigwood Net Worth
Robert Stigwood

He was the son of an electric engineer. At the start of his early career, he used to work at a local advertising agency as a copywriter. 

He completed his education at Sacred Heart College. Most of his time in his early childhood was spent by him in with the family of his closest friend. 

He briefly worked at the New Theatre Royal, but he left soon after. And the theatricals shut down soon after he left. 

Two of his successful film productions include, Saturday Night Fever and Grease.  

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Robert Stigwood’s Personal Life

After the theatre house shut down, he started hunting down for more jobs. He then came across Joe Meek who was a musician by career. Together with Meek, he formed the Robert Stigwood Associated Ltd., and the duo started the music industry. 

Later with Leyton, he published his single, ‘Johnny Remember Me,’ which was a successful hit in the UK. 

But after he joined the Bee Gees you can say that this one is solely responsible for the epoch of his career. And he released several other songs from Bee Gees all of which were successful hits. 

You know now why his Bee Gees is one of the bestselling musical groups. Even today, people do remember him and listen to his songs, which are just wow! 

And not forget some of his music albums made a huge hit after it was released in the market. The investments skyrocketed and his music was a sheer success. 

You can log in to YouTube and Spotify and can hear his hits songs. I am sure you would enjoy listening to each of his albums. As for the movies you can very well give them a watch. 

Robert Stigwood’s Love Life

Literally, there is no past record of Robert Stigwood‘s life. He was never seen with any lady. His dating life is a mystery for sure.

Robert was not engaged to anyone, nor did he marry anyone from or outside of the industry. 

He died at the age of 81 leaving with us a whole collection of music albums which are very rich in music. Even his films are worth watching. Even though Stigwood is dead he remains alive through his evergreen career. 

That’s it for now guys.

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