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Has Romantic Killer Season 2 Already Been Announced? What To Expect?

Romantic Killer Season 2 Release Date

Recently in October 2022, Netflix released the first season of Romantic Killer. Anime fans have been waiting eagerly for a long time for the release of this anime adaptation of the manga. And they are already eager to know about the second season of Romantic Killer.

Romantic Killer Season 2 Release Date

Anime fans are looking forward to the release of the new anime series Romantic Killer. So when is the new season coming? Well, season one of Romantic Killer has just been released recently on October 27, 2022. Thus there is no update about season 2 of Romantic Killer yet.

Fans can expect a second season announcement when season one will end. The continuation or cancellation of the show will be based on the response the first season receives from fans and critics. So it is difficult to say right now whether the second season of the anime will be happening.

Romantic Killer season one will be having twelve episodes. That is very less to cover the whole of the manga. So it is likely that a second season will be happening. But the release date of the second season of Romantic Killer will only be available after the end of the first season.

Name of the ShowRomantic Killer
Season NumberSeason 2
Romantic Killer Season 1 Release Date27 October 2022
Romantic Killer Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Romantic Killer Season 2 Overview


Romantic Killer Season 2 Story

With season one of Romantic Killer finally being released, fans are already looking forward to season two. However, any details regarding the second season will only be announced after the end of season one. So let’s take a look at the plot of Romantic Killer. The story of Romantic Killer is based on gamer girl Anzu. Living her dream single life, Anzu was least bothered about any kind of romance in her life. She is connected with her life of gaming, snaking, and her beloved cat.

However, after she started playing a new video game, Anzu soon realises that the game is no regular game. Thanks to a magical fairy, Anzu is transported to an altered reality where her life is completely different from her real life. This world is full of hot and sexy boys. Anzu must win in this altered reality to get back to her normal life. Thus she befriends one of the boys named Tsukasa Kazuki who also happens to be the most popular and handsome boy in high school. Soon Anzu’s life becomes a hot mess of confusion and feelings she never knew existed. So what happens next? Find out by watching the anime.

Romantic Killer Season 2 Characters

Romantic Killer Season 2 Release Date

There is no news regarding the release date of Romantic Killer season 2. As a result, no official character list has been announced either. If season two ever happens, we can expect that the characters from season one will reappear in their roles. So let’s take a look at the characters of Romantic Killer.

The protagonist of the series is Anzu Hoshino. She is a gamer girl who dislikes any kind of romance or romantic things. Happy in her single life, Anzu soon discovers that her life is turned upside down thanks to a new game. In the anime, Anzu’s character has been voiced by Rie Takahashi. Next comes Riri, a magical fairy who changes Anzu’s life. Riri is voiced by Mikako Komatsu.

Other characters of the anime series include Tsukasa Kazuki, voiced by Yūichirō Umehara; Gakuto Kajiwara voices the character of Junta Hayami, Natsuki Hanae voices Hijiri Koganei, while Kenjiro Tsuda voices Tsuchiya and lastly Manaka Iwami and Hiro Shimono voices the characters of Saki and Manato respectively.

Romantic Killer Season 2 Trailer

The release date of season two of Romantic Killer is not available yet. Thus a trailer for the second season is also not available. Since season one of Romantic Killer came out recently in October 2022, it will likely be a long time after season 2 will be released. Once announcements regarding the release date of season 2 have been made, fans can then expect a trailer. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer of Romantic Killer season 1 on YouTube.

Where To Watch Romantic Killer Season 2 Online?

Season 2 of Romantic Killer is not available online for fans to stream yet. This is because season 2 has not been released yet. Season one of Romantic Killer was released on October 27, 2022, on Netflix. Fans can check out the twelve-episode first season online on Netflix. It can be expected that when season two will be released it would also be available online on Netflix.


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