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 Shine Post Season 2 Release Date, Characters, and Story

Shine Post Season 2 Release Date
Shine Post Season 2 Release Date
Shine Post Season 1 Trailer

Who doesn’t like watching anime? I can vow that most people enjoy it regardless of their age. Watching anime, reading mangas, going hype over 2D characters, and collecting merchandise are not only signs of an Otaku. But it clearly shows how much you enjoy the Chinese-Japanese anime creations. Here’s what we know about Shine Post Season 2 Release Date.

We are back again, with another update of an anime that is pulling its audience each day. And what about you, have you watched the anime? If you haven’t yet, then wow you are really missing out on something great. 

With a rating of 6.89 from My Anime List (MAL) and 5.5 from IMDb, the slice of life, music, and supernatural anime will surely pull a string or two of your chords. The idol anime which is full of harmony will make you tap your feet with its beat. 

Created by Konami Digital Entertainment, the light novel is written by Rakuda. The light novel has published its three full volumes and more are yet to come. The light novel has a manga version as well, which has successfully launched 1 volume, fans are waiting for more. The anime is adapted from the light novel and aired on July 13th 2022. The anime also has a game version.

If you are wondering whether the anime will air in a new season? When will it air? Or what to expect in the new season? Then, guys, you are on the right track.

Keep scrolling to find the updates posted below. 

Shine Post Season 2 Release Date

Shine Post Season 2 Release Date
Shine Post Season 2

The supernatural anime series is still on air and has aired only 5 episodes as of yet. The running time of each episode is 22 minutes or so and the schedule of its release lies unknown. 

The summer anime made its debut not long back and is still on air, but the number of episodes for season 1 has not been conferred by PD. 

All we are aware of is that if the season ends with a positive impact from the audience, then the show makers might make the release of a new season official. 

With the light novel still under publication of new volumes and the manga too as well, we can only be positive that a new season might be on the team’s list. But nothing is made official yet and the anime still being on air, making further assumptions is a tough game for us. 

So, first let’s wait for the anime to release its season fully then we can discuss the new season. While you are at it, keep watching as the episodes as they make their way on the platforms. 

And don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed. 

Name of the ShowShine Post
Season NumberSeason 2
Shine Post Season 1 Release Date13 July 2022
Shine Post Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Shine Post Season 2 Overview

Shine Post Season 2 Story

As I mentioned the anime is still being aired, the new season’s story is not made official and we too are yet to hear from the team about the upcoming season. 

All we know is that, the new season will pick from where season 1 will be let off. So, let’s keep watching the new airing episodes for now. We will get back as soon as we hear about the official dates or leaks from the team. 

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Shine Post Season 2 Characters

Shine Post Season 2 Release Date
Shine Post Season 2

Neither the official date or the story is made official nor did our sources hear any. So, we can expect the characters from the last season returning back in season 2. 

The first idol group named TINGS might be back with its five members. Similarly, HY:RAIN and FFF might also return with their respective members in the new and upcoming season. 

Shine Post Season 1 Story

TINGS is an idol group who is on the verge of being disbanded unless they make a grand entry with an audience occupying over two thousand seats. What sounds easy for idols is not easy at all. With only 73 people from the audience, how will they manage to shine and shout. But they might soon ace it all up with the arrival of a new manager in their group. 

Although reluctant at first, what changes can the idols make to make Naoki be on board and help them reach their goal? Or will the group be disbanded after all?

Watch the anime now, as I am sure it will keep you glued to the screen. 

Shine Post Season 2 Trailer

Since this is an ongoing season, a trailer or a teaser to the new season is not yet out. But if you haven’t yet started watching this anime then you can log into YouTube or other pages where you will find the link to season 1 trailer attached. 

Hurry on then folks!

Where to Watch Shine Post Season 2 Online?

You will find the anime available on HIDIVE and Aniplus TV. Go and watch the anime now. While we get back to you with the upcoming season updates soon. Stay tuned.

Happy Watch!  

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