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Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 8 Release Date: Announced?

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 8 Release Date
Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 8 Release Date

The debut work was released at the theater on August 15, 2008. It became an introduction to the series. The series debuted on October 3, 2008, on the American Cartoon Network. Set in a fictitious Star Wars galaxy during a three-year hiatus between Episode II-Clone Attack and Episode III-Sys Revenge (the same period as the previous Clone Wars series in 2003). Each episode runs 22 minutes, so fill the 30-minute time frame. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, wanted to produce over 100 episodes of the series. Lucasfilm announced in March 2013 that it would effectively cancel the series as Clone Wars “dissolved” and Lucasfilm closed its deal with Cartoon Network following the acquisition of Disney. The unpublished episodes that were already produced were called “bonus content.” The German television channel Super RTL began broadcasting these episodes in February 2014 as the sixth season of 13 episodes. Season 6 was made available on Netflix on March 7th of the same year, along with other seasons and feature films. Clone Wars has returned to Disney + with 12 new episodes. The episode premiered on February 21, 2020, and served as the final season of the series, which ended on May 4, 2020. In the course of the series, 133 episodes of Star Wars Clone Wars were released over seven seasons from October 3, 2008, to May 4, 2020.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 8 Release Date

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 8 Release Date
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 8

Star Wars Season 7: Clone Wars knew it would be the finale of the show. Sith’s revenge ends with Ahsoka left on his device in the harsh galaxy left by Clone Wars. There were 10 episodes in Season 7, which aired from February 21st to May 4th this year. Star Wars Clone Wars lighting and animation leader Gianni Aliotti has given us hope. Fans of “Star Wars” were enthusiastic after his mysterious tweet hinted at new material.

“Make More” is proposed as a reference to the eighth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which premiered in 2012. However, Star Wars rebels who have finished Season 4 with Cliffhanger are much more likely to get a green light from Disney in more seasons. You have a chance to find out what happened to Ahsoka and Rex between Clone Wars and the Rebels. To fill the 20-year gap, The Lost Missions did so in the past. Season 8 of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” has been canceled, but we’re always looking forward to new adventures in distant galaxies. We are confident that important announcements will be made by the end of the year or in 2021.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 1 Release Date3 October 2008
Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 8 Release DateCanceled
Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 8 Release Date


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 8 Characters

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 8 Release Date
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 8

The show’s voice actors include James Arnold Taylor, Matt Lanter, Dee Bradley Baker, Ashley Eckstein, Catherine Taber, Tom Kane, Anthony Daniels, Ben Burtt, Ian Abercrombie, Terrence C. Carson, Corey Burton, Matthew Wood, and Nika Futterman. The actors in the live-action movie who returned to replay their roles for the show are B1 Battle Droid as Wood and General Grievous, Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Binks (Binks is three early episodes) (As played by Phil LaMarr), C3PO as Daniels, Burtt as R2D2, Chewbacca and Anakin Skywalker’s Breath, Young Clone Trooper Officer Candidate and Boba Fett as Daniel Logan, Qui Gon Jinn as Liam Neeson, and Pernilla August as Schmi Skywalker. In addition, Christopher Lee and Samuel L. Jackson replayed the roles of Count Dooku and Mace Windu in the animated film, but not in the television series.

The actors who appear through the original footage from Sith’s Revenge to represent the character in last season’s episode “Shattered” include Jackson as Mace Windu, Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker, and Palpatine as Ian McDiarmid. Darth Maul and Ahsoka characters are portrayed in the episode “Phantom Apprentice” through motion capture by Ray Park and Lauren Mary Kim (playing his role from Phantom Apprentice), with Sam Witwer and Eckstein. I’m a voice actor.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 8 Trailer

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 8 trailer has not been released yet. If there will be any updates regarding the trailer we will update it.

Where To Watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 8?

You can watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney plus Hotstar itself.


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