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Susana Gomez’s boyfriend mystery revealed

Susana Gomez's Boyfriend
Susana Gomez's Boyfriend

Susana Gómez is an architect and an interior designer. Recently, there have been rumors related to Maluma and Susana anticipating a newborn are stirring all over the media and internet. Susana Gomez belongs from Columbia, she is an interior designer.

Susana Gomez Life

Susana Gomez's Boyfriend
Susana Gomez
  1. Susana Gómez is the latest secret girlfriend of the famous Columbian vocalist Maluma. The pair have been seeing each other over the recent few months.
  2. She praises the very exact part of Medellín where her boyfriend Maluma’s birthplace is. Maluma was born and raised. She is Columbian by ethnicity.
  3. Susana is a designer by career and possesses her interior design firm known by the name Ese+Ese. Additionally, her aesthetic contains a lot of pastel hues, raw materials, and blonde timber finishes.
  4.  The details about the age of Susana Gómez are yet off the radar. Nor the media has been able to find out about this.
  5. There are multiple Instagram profiles by the name of Susana Gómez. But it is challenging to discover the original one which belongs to her.
  6. The net worth of Susana is donated by the payments from her interior design job but the actual numbers are not disclosed. Nevertheless, her boyfriend, Maluma has a net cost of 12 million dollars.
  7. As per her bio on Ahora Mismo, she was mentioned to be a married lady. Yet, it is not comprehended if her wedding was ruined due to her connection with Maluma.
  8. Susana and Maluma have been fine companions over time. But their affair began in the last year, 2020.
  9. The duo is frequently seen walking hand-in-hand in different places such as New York City and in Los Angeles.

Susana Gomez’s Boyfriend

Susana Gomez is seeing Juan Luis Londoño Arias. He is a well-known singer belonging from Columbia and is famously recognized by the name, Maluma. The crowd and followers were already assuming and guessing that the two were in a connection from the last year. Whereas, the couple had neither approved nor proclaimed the news. Lately, Maluma has frankly revealed his girlfriend at Christmas, which proved their connection. Well, the stories concerning them occurred towards the last half of the year 2020. It persisted for the entire year in the current year 2021. Many even moved to argue that his girlfriend is expectant. Eventually, the stories came to a stop after one year when Maluma uploaded a photo of the couple together on the occasion of Christmas.


Susana And Maluma Celebrated Christmas Together

Susana and Maluma
Susana and Maluma

Susana at the festival of Christmas was together with her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s relative. Maluma uploaded a picture on his Instagram profile with his partner, which put an end to the long assumptions of the crowd and fanatics. The image was rather misshapen and blurred. Nevertheless, he is witnessed smooching with his partner, Susana, while giving an intimate posture where he is grabbing her by the waistline in front of the Christmas tree. He also wrote under the post as Thanks Santa. It appears like he is voicing his gratefulness to Santa for getting him a great blessing. Also, Susana also has a good connection with the family of Maluma.

Dating Rumours Since 2020

Susana got caught together at numerous moments with Maluma since the year 2020. They never ever mentioned a thing concerning their connection even if there were all the rumors encircling them. It additionally directs to individuals thinking that the couple had definitely been seeing each other. Therefore, they unofficially verified their affinity, better or small. The gossips, came roughly when the couple was seen holding hands and kissing in the August of the year 2020 during their excursions. 

Susana Gomez also attended the carnival of Maluma’s Papi Juancho album out with the relatives and friends of the singer. If it is not quick, they even flashed rumors about pregnancy between his fanatics on social media during the start of this year. Maluma, at that moment, uploaded a photograph on his Instagram profile where he was witnessed fibbing on the belly of a person with a grateful smile on his face. Many individuals thought that his girl was an expectant witnessing the photo.


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