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The Breaker Season 3 Release Date: Renewed?

The Breaker Season 3 Release Date
The Breaker Season 3 Release Date

The Breaker is a manhwa series of South Korean origin. Manhwa is a Korean word that is used to refer to comic books, cartoons, and illustrations. Manhwa is a distinguished part of South Korean culture. The Breaker series is written by Jeon Geuk-jin and illustration is provided by Park Jin-hwan under his pen name “Kamaro”. It was serialized in Daiwon C.I.’s magazine titled Young Champ from June 2007 till July 2010. The Breaker also has a sequel which is titled The Breaker: New Waves, which was published on Daum Communication’s online comics website in the year 2010. It falls in the martial arts and drama genre and currently consists of 10 volumes. The Breaker focuses on its protagonist Shiwoon Yi, an extremely timid high school teenager, who is the protégé of Chunwoo Han, an experienced martial arts artist. Chunwoo Han is an enemy of the Murim, a secret martial arts organization. The series was released in its official Korean language, but due to its popularity, it has been released all over the world and dubbed in various languages such as Polish, German, Russian, French, English, Arabic, and Italian.

The Breaker Season 3 Release Date

The Breaker Season 3 Release Date
The Breaker

The Breaker was serialized from June 2007 till July in the year 2010 in Daiwon C.I.’s magazine called Young Champ. Due to the show’s immense popularity, it was recently confirmed that there in fact will be season 3 for The Breaker. However, no official date has been set yet though it is expected to release sometime in mid-2022 or the end of 2022.

The Breaker Season 3 Story

No official storyline or plot for season 3 of The Breaker has been released yet. However, fans of the show assume that season 3 will pick up right after the events of season 2.

The Breaker Season 2 Recap

The sequel to The Breaker is titled The Breaker: New Waves. Season 2 of The Breaker has 20 volumes which consist of 200 chapters.

The Breaker follows the story of protagonists Shiwoon Yi and Chunwoo Han. The latter is an experienced martial artist who has earned the title of Nine Arts Dragon bestowed upon him by the Murim, which is a highly secretive martial arts organization that co-exists in harmony with the modern world. The Murim is governed by the Martial Arts Alliance, an organization the Chunwoo hates, because of the fact that they killed his martial arts teacher years ago. In the present time, Chunwoo poses as a teenager and enrolls himself in a school in Seoul for a mission that was assigned to him by the Black Forest Defense Group, which is an anti-government organization that opposed Martial Arts Alliance.


At this school, Chunwoo meets the series’ protagonist Shiwoon Yi, a shy and timid teenager. Shiwoon is bullied in school by his classmates and peers. In order to help him defend himself against the bullying, Chunwoo trains Shiwoon Yi in martial arts defense. Thus begins Chunwoo’s mission. He also frees Sosul, who is the head of the Sunwoo Clan, from the grasp of the Martial Arts Alliance. Chunwoo then tries to flee the country but has to intervene when the MAA captures Shiwoon as a hostage. Chunwoo then renounces Shiwoon Yi and destroys his Qi-centre, thereby protecting him from other martial artists who want to take revenge on Chunwoo Han through Shiwoon Yi. After the fight, the Sunwoo Clan welcomes Shiwoon and reveals the fact that he is now the successor of the clan after Sosul.

The Breaker Season 3 Characters

The main characters of The Breaker are Shiwoon Yi and Chunwoo Han. The supporting characters of the series include members of the Sunwoo Clan such as Sosul, Jaekyu Kwon, Jangil Jeon, Jini Kwon, and Gyubum Yi. The Martial Arts Alliance members include The Alliance Chief, Kangsung, Sochun Hyuk, and Wonjae Hyun. Other characters include Sehee, Shiho Lee, Sera Kang, and Jigun Yoo.

The Breaker Season 3 Trailer

The Breaker Season 3 Release Date
The Breaker

The trailer for season 3 has not yet premiered even though the show has been renewed for a new season. The trailer will air once there is a confirmed release date for season 3 of The Breaker.

Where to Watch The Breaker Season 3?

The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves manhwa can be read online on


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