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The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date Updates!

The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date
The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date

The Good Doctor is a medical drama TV series of American origin. It is based on the South Korean series which has the same name, created by Park Jae-bum and was released in 2013. Actor Daniel Dae Kim was aware of the original series and bought the rights to the show for his own production company. He began developing the series for American television and in 2015 sold the rights to the show to CBS. However, CBS was not interested in the show and because Daniel Dae Kim was so passionate about this project, he bought back the rights to the show from CBS. Eventually, Kim and Sony Pictures Television worked out a deal and began developing the series with the help of David Shore, who also created the medical drama series House for the Fox network. 

The Good Doctor is developed by David Shore and features an ensemble cast. The show currently has 5 seasons over the course of 88 episodes. The executive producers of the show are David Shore, Daniel Dae Kim, Seth Gordon, Erin Gunn, Liz Friedman, Sebastian Lee, David Kim, David Hoselton, Freddie Highmore, and Peter Blake. The show is produced by Sony Pictures Television and ABC network television.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date

Season 1 of The Good Doctor aired from September 25, 2017, till March 26, 2018. Season 2 aired from September 24, 2018, till March 11, 2019. Season 3 premiered on September 23, 2019, till March 30, 2020. Season 4 aired from November 2, 2020, till June 7, 2021. Season 5 premiered on September 27, 2021.

In March 2022, the show was renewed for season 6. However, no official release date has been revealed. Keeping in mind the release dates of previous seasons, we can expect season 6 to premiere at the end of 2022.

SeasonsRelease Dates
The Good Doctor Season 1 Release Date25 September 2017
The Good Doctor Season 5 Release Date27 September 2021
The Good Doctor Season 6 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date

The Good Doctor Season 6 Story

The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date
The Good Doctor

The storyline and plot for season 6 have not yet been revealed. However, it is likely that the new season will pick up from the events of the last season.


The Good Doctor Season 5 Recap

Season 5 of The Good Doctor is set to have 20 episodes out of which 13 episodes have aired. Let us recap those episodes.

Shaun and Lea get engaged at the end of season 4 and in the first episode of season 5, they host an engagement part and Mateo is anxious to find out whether his legal issues will be solved. Shaun and his medical team are in a race against time when they try to save a pregnant woman and her baby but soon find out she is a criminal which further complicates things. The hospital undergoes some major changes for which the staff isn’t prepared. Shaun confronts Salen about these changes. Dr. Park, Dr. Lim, and Dr. Reznick’s patients refuse to undergo a life-saving lung transplant. Dr. Murphy and Dr. Park treat an elderly Asian man who is the victim of a hate crime. Lea makes changes to Shaun’s patient satisfaction scores behind his back which leads to an argument between them. Dr. Park and Shaun deal with a life-and-death situation wherein they have to choose to save one patient over the other. Lea and Shaun witness a car accident and realize that an injured pregnant woman needs their help. Shaun and Lea have an argument about the future of their relationship and Lim tries to expose Salen’s role in covering up the death of an infant. Shaun and Allen perform surgery on a famous singer.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Cast

The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date
The Good Doctor

The main character of the previous seasons is Dr. Shaun Murphy portrayed by Freddie Highmore. Dr. Neil Melendez is portrayed by Nicholas Gonzalez. Dr. Claire Browne is portrayed by Antonia Thomas. Dr. Jared Kalu is portrayed by Chuku Modu. Jessica Preston is portrayed by Beau Garrett. Dr. Aaron Glassman is portrayed by Richard Schiff.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Trailer

The Good Doctor was renewed for season 6 in March 2022. The trailer for season 6 is not yet available since the filming and production of the new season have not yet begun. We can expect a trailer for season 6 at the end of 2022. The trailer for the previous seasons can be viewed on YouTube.

Where to Watch The Good Doctor Season 6?

The Good Doctor can be viewed on the ABC network channel on television as well as online on the official ABC website. The series can also be viewed online on the Hulu streaming platform.


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