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The Serpent Season 2 Release Date: What To Expect From Season 2?

The Serpent Season 2 Release Date

The Serpent is a British crime drama series based on a serial killer named Charles Sobhraj. This series is developed by Mammoth Screen that is a UK-based production company that was established in 2007 by Michele Buck and Damien Timmer. It is commissioned by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) which is the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom, based at Broadcasting House in London.

The crime drama series is an eight-part limited series that is a co-production between BBC One which is a British free-to-air public broadcast television network owned and operated by the BBC and Netflix. The series is written by Richard Warlow and Toby Finlay. The genre is Crime Drama, directed by Tom Shankland and Hans Herbots. It stars Tahar Rahim, Jenna Coleman, Billy Howle, Ellie Bamber, Amesh Edireweers, Tim Mclnnerny, Dasha Nekrasova, and Mathilde Warnier. Tahar Rahim starred in the lead role as Sobhraj. The character murdered young tourists from 1975 to 1976.

The Serpent Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has not yet announced any more seasons for the crime drama series ‘The Serpent’. The eight episodes of the series cover all the issues relating to completing the series finely.

Name Of The ShowThe Serpent
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreCrime thriller
The Serpent Season 1 Release Date1 January 2021
The Serpent Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

The series most probably would not come up with another season as the cases are completely solved and Charles Sobhraj is imprisoned. If it is found that the craze for this series rises that high the creators make think of making another season creating some plot on demand of the audience.

This is something that we could find out before across the internet a few months ago. Coming to the current times, the BBC iPlayer Network has reported the premiere date for The Serpent Season 2. The series will be coming up on the 29th of December, 2023 which is Friday.


The Plot of the Series

The Serpent Season 2 Release Date
The Serpent

The story is set in the mid-1970s when a French serial killer Charles Sobhraj, who is of Vietnamese and Indian descent drugs and robs the travelers. He robs particularly young backpackers who travel through Bangkok, Thailand, along the overland.

What he does is steals the victims’ passports and identities and use them to travel the world and sell the gems that he stole with his girlfriend Marie-Andree Leclerc. The story begins in 1975 in Bangkok which is the Capital of Thailand.

Charles Sobhraj finds himself in danger when Herman Knippenberg, a Dutch diplomat, starts investing in the murders of the Dutch tourists and finds out a clue that leads to Charles Sobhraj. He becomes the major suspect behind the unsolved death cases of the young tourists.

It is seen in the series that, Charles Sobhraj could have lived his life happily and freely in France. But he inexplicably returned to Kathmandu where he is seen to be charged with murder and ultimately imprisoned. This is all we can see in the first season of the crime drama series.

Plot for Serpent Season 2

The Serpent Season 2 Release Date
The Serpent

If the audience demand season 2 of the Netflix original crime drama series ‘The Serpent’ then it could come up with a plot where the serial killer Charles Sobhraj somehow will manage to come out of prison. The creators may plot something like this as the lead character of the series is imprisoned in the first series.


The Serpent Season 2 Release Date hasn’t been released as of now, but here below you can check the ratings of season 1. On IMDb, the show got 7.6 ratings out of 10.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who caught Charles Sobhraj in India?

Ans: – Inspector Madhukar Zende caught Charles Sobhraj in O’Couqueiro Restaurant in Goa. His prison sentence was extended by ten years, just as he had hoped.

Q2. For how many years The Serpent is in jail?

Ans: – The Serpent Charles Sobhraj spent 19 years in jail in Nepal for killing two North Americans in 1975. He was freed after a court ruled that went in favor of his age and good behavior.

Q3. Where is Charles Sobhraj right now?

Ans: – The serial killer Charles Sobhraj was released by the Supreme Court of Kathmandu on the 23rd of December, 2022. After serving 20 years in prison, he was released. He was held responsible for killing several young western travelers and using their passports and identities for traveling the world by selling the diamonds he stole with his girlfriend.

Q4. How did The Serpent get away from the Tihar jail?

Ans: – The Serpent, Charles Sobhraj escaped from Tihar jail in India in 1986 after drugging the guards of the prison with cookies and cakes laced with sleeping pills. After a few days, the Police nabbed Charles Sobhraj from Goa.

Q5. How true is the series ‘The Serpent’?

Ans: – The Testar says that the Netflix original crime drama series is 80% to 90% accurate. Though a few characters were added for dramatic effect and dialogues were also imagined.

Q6. At what age was Marie Andree Leclerc when she died?

Ans: – Marie Andree Leclerc was of 38-years when she died.


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