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Release Dates

Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 2 Release Date

Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 2 Release Date
Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 2 Release Date

The anime “Time Agent” touches upon an awfully necessary topic that has distressed humanity throughout its entire existence: is it potential to vary the past and the way can this have an effect on the future? In conjunction with most characters of donghua, the viewer is sparked on a noteworthy journey. After all, every shopper of two friends is a chance to vary someone’s past. Fans of Cheng and Lu Do don’t hide: the Chinese anime “Time Agent” isn’t nearly inferior to several widespread Japanese TV series. And, as we know, made comes are typically extended for a second season or additional, notwithstanding the country of origin. “Douluo Continent” (Dou Luo Da Lu/ Soul Land), “The Wonderland of 10 Thousand”, and “Battle Through The Heavens” are simply a couple of the extremely acclaimed Chinese anime. therefore currently we will solely assume that season two awaits us.”

There are no official updates on Season 2 yet. However, we will let you know if we will find something. However, we might prefer to fix the past! but, everyone seems to be given just one likelihood. Most characters of the anime “Time Agent” have a tremendous ability to correct past events, however, this inevitably affects the long run of an individual. Is it potential to “play” with such a major power and in the way can it end up for friends in the end?

Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 2 Release Date

At the instant, the series has not been formally revived for season two, however, the crazy ratings of season one leave no likelihood for the director. It’s imperative to continue the story of the two guys! In the end, their uncommon life has everything: self-development, humor, drama, difficulties in relationships. And if drama is bestowed, then the viewer is unhappy and empathizes with the characters 100%. inline with analysts, new episodes of the anime “Time Agent” are often expected in 2022. possibly, the premiere won’t present itself before summer. We are awaiting the news.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 1 Release Date30 April 2021
Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 2 Release Date


Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 2 Story

There are no updates on the story prediction yet because Season 1 had just been released and we do not know when it will release. We will let you know when we will find out.

Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 1 Story

Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 2 Release Date
Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren

Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang discovered a private photo studio to supply uncommon services. due to the superpowers of the fellows, their purchasers have the chance to vary the past or establish data of interest. whereas Cheng immerses himself in this person’s body through a photograph, Lu is in complete management of the method. and therefore the guys have strict rules: there are solely twelve hours, no more, no less; do solely what Lu says; don’t raise queries or rush things. within the initial episode, the fellows finally have another shopper. this is often the woman Emma. Assignment: get the monetary statements of the corporate wherever she works. it’s solely at the disposal of the corporate executive – alternative members of the corporate don’t have access to the report. The director is simply too involved in the protection of the organization, therefore all the information is bare with him – on a flash drive. Cheng travels to the 12-hour past in Emma’s body. All her recollections and sensations are for two. Within the course of finishing the assignment, Cheng manages to urge a report, once a case of dishonorable data is opened, the attackers are in remission and can be chastised in line with the law. However, is everything therefore great? Not! Despite Lu’s thousands of orders to not modify something within the client’s life, Cheng sends a harmless message to the girl’s oldsters. A sequence of events light-emitting diode to the death of Emma, ​​which shouldn’t have happened…

Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 1 Characters

Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 2 Release Date
Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren

The main cast is Tianxiang Yang and Shangqing Su. Tianxiang Yang is an actor, well-known for The King’s Avatar (2017), White Snake (2019), and Link Click (2021). Shangqing Su is a fabulous actor and he is known for Love O2O (2016), The King’s Avatar (2017), and Link Click (2021).

Where to watch Time Agent: Shiguan Daliren Season 1?

It is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. You can watch it there.


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