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Net Worth

TimThe Tatman Net Worth And Lifestyle

TimThe Tatman Net Worth
TimThe Tatman Net Worth

TimThe Tatman on social media is better known as Timothy John Betar. He is the American Twitch streamer and gamer who is prominently known for his publicity and best known for gaming in the games like Fortnite, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and many more. He is the whole time gamer since 2014, he is the one who has the highest number of followers on Twitch. He is also the verified Twitch partner and also he is the most popular gamer on the platform. Born on April 8, 1990, Timothy John Betar is an American live streamer and also has the best personality on YouTube. Timothy’s channel name is TimThe Tatman. He is active on YouTube since 2013 and is also presently active. He has 4.39 million followers as per the report of March 3, 2022, and he also has a total view of 668.4 million as of September 3, 2021.

TimThe Tatman Net Worth

TimThe Tatman Net Worth
TimThe Tatman

TimThe Tatman has collaborated with many of the famous and well-known streamers like Ninja, DrLupo, Dakotaz, Nickmercs, etc. Also, a member of the Fortnite community and also with some other who streams new content daily. He was also nominated for The Game Awards in the year 2020. Since he started his career he has won many awards, but the popular known and also the Fan Favourite Male Streamer and also the Gamer award are the most important accomplishments in his career till time. Popular known for his social works as well. In just 4 hours he earned $106K from the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the year 2018. TimThe Tatman’s Net Worth is $1.5 million+ and according to the reports his monthly Income is $100000+. With the help of subscribers on Twitch, Timothy earns $122500 per month, and also at the same time, he generates about $300 to $600 per stream and $9000 per month. He earns about $4000 to $8000 per month through the donations and lives chats by his followers. TimThe Tatman has a different source of income and it includes sponsorship deals, revenue from ads, subscription fees, and also the donations received from his followers. Currently, the Sponsors of Timothy are Monster Energy and Audio-Technica. His Merchandise line can also be found on his website.


TimThe Tatman Early Life

Timothy was a single growing child in Syracuse, New York. Videogames were their love for him. TimThe Tatman’s mother passed away when he was just 15 years old, because of the consumption of alcohol. His father wanted him to quit playing video games and he wanted him to focus more on his studies. Timothy Betar was born in New York City. As per the reports, this is also his current residence. Surprisingly on this platform after 9 months, Tim declared that he is quitting Twitch and he wanted to focus more on YouTube and there is more competition there.

TimThe Tatman Net Worth
TimThe Tatman

TimThe Tatman Career

Gaming was the only passion of TimThe Tatman. Through live streaming in 2012, Timothy started his gaming career on Twitch. In the year 2013, Tim shifted to YouTube and it is the platform where he uploads game videos and all other updates. Through his stream highlights, Timothy earned a large fan base. Eventually, the massive fan base helped him to learn new video–editing skills that helped him to grow his career in online gaming. He firstly started uploading the gameplay videos of the game called ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ such as scopes, quick scopes, and noscopes. Also, ‘Call of Duty moments’ were posted by him. Timothy left his job and only started working to focus on his gaming career on March 27, 2014. ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ games were professionally played by him. When he was 13 years old he started playing the game. Also, Timothy started playing ‘World of Warcraft’ at the age of 15. Till he turned 21, he continued doing the same.

For many events, Timothy teamed up with Mack Wilds. During Super Bowl L3 along with Peyton Manning, Julu Smith-Schuster, and Marshawn Lynch, Timothy appeared at a National Football League. He exclusively announced the contract with YouTube in the year 2021. 

TimThe Tatman Personal Life

Alexis is the name of Timothy’s wife. Before he proposed to her for the marriage in December 2015, they both dated each other, later Tim, through a Tweet shared a picture of their engagement full of joy. Through the video of ‘Thirteen Wolves’, he officially announced his marriage on the very next day. He is fond of making tattoos. A chest piece and two sleeves are being tattooed on Tim. Sodapoppin, who was the first ‘Twitch’ streamer was followed by Tim listening about the platform for the first time.


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