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Tsuredure Children Season 2 Release Date: How Much Time Will It Take?

Tsuredure Children Season 2 Release Date

Like action anime series, some animes deal with romance. They portray problems in a relationship, the development of relationships, friendships, and many more. These animes, too, have a fan base of their own. Romantic animes are fun to watch. Especially, when our favorite couple ends up together, there lies an intense amount of satisfaction. That satisfaction can make you smile throughout the day for two days straight. Romance animes have the propensity to show good friendships among the characters. Although there are ups and downs, the friendship seems to be unbreakable. 

Tsuredure Children is one such anime belonging to the romantic comedy genre. The anime was adapted from a four-panel manga. Toshiya Wakabayashi is created for writing and illustrating manga. From August 2014 to March 2015 the manga was serialized in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Later it was transferred to the Weekly Shonen Magazine. The manga has twelve tankobon volumes. 

The anime version of the manga was taken up by Studio Gokumi. It was aired from July to September 2017. Hiraku Kaneko was behind the direction of the anime. Tatsuhiko Urahata wrote the scripts for the series, and character designing was taken up by Etsuko Sumimoto. The opening theme of the anime was performed by Inori Minase, and the ending theme was performed by Yui Ogura. The first season of the anime has twelve episodes. 

Tsuredure Children Season 2 Release Date

Tsuredure Children Season 2 Release Date

On 19th September 2017, the 12th episode of the series aired. Since then, it has been almost five years. There is no news regarding the second run of the show. There was a tweet from the author of the manga which inclined toward the fact that there will no second season of the series. 

However, season 1 of the anime covered the first five volumes of the manga. If the creators decide to come up with a second season, there is enough source material to do so. As fans, we are still waiting for the show’s second return, but it has to be accepted that the hype about the anime has declined over the years.

Name of the ShowTsuredure Children 
Season NumberSeason 2
Tsuredure Children Season 1 Release Date4 July 2017
Tsuredure Children Season 2 Release DateProbably Canceled
Tsuredure Children Season 2 Overview


Tsuredure Children Season 1 Rewind

The best part about the series is it never focused only on one couple. The series gave equal attention to all the characters and the couples. It showed their struggles and ups and downs. Everybody formed an equal part of the anime. 

The last episode of the show witnessed the students planning a beach trip. Chizuru and Takuro were planned to be brought together. Chiaki suggested not break-up to Kana; they both accepted a new fresh start to their relationship. Chizuru was successful in persuading Takuro to go to the beach together. Their conversation was overheard by Noriko. 

Tsuredure Children Season 2 Story 

Season 2 of the show will perhaps comprise a further story. It may include different characters. Since the show is predicted to cover the rest of the volumes of the manga, more attention on the minor couples is expected in its second installment. 

The second series is expected to strengthen the already build relationships. We can expect the characters to mature as the episodes progress. We can say with a guarantee that if the series is returned for a second run, it will create a storm of happiness among the otakus worldwide. 

Tsuredure Children Season 2 Characters

Tsuredure Children Season 2 Release Date

The previous characters of the first season are expected to be seen in the second run of the series. We may get new characters in the second series of the show. 

Haruhiko Takase was voiced by Kentaro Kumagai in Japanese and Stephen Sanders in English. Saki Kanda was voiced in Japanese by Haruka Miyake and in English by Skyler McIntosh. The list of characters does not end here, there are many more included in the anime. 

Tsuredure Children Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the second season of the anime has not been made. There is no trailer for season 2 of the anime since there is no news regarding the second installment from its creators. 

However, the trailer for the first season of the anime is there on YouTube. If you have not watched it, you can watch it there.

Where Can You Watch Tsuredure Children Season 2 Online?

Season 1 of the anime can be watched on Funimation

As of now, we do not know where season 2 of the anime will be released if it gets renewed for a second installment. 


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