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Release Dates

Up and Vanished Season 3 Release Date Renewed?

Up and Vanished Season 3 Release Date
Up and Vanished Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of your favorite podcast or audio series is back!! The Host of the show announced on Twitter and Instagram that his investigation for the show has started and in recent time he posted about season 3 of the podcast. Here is everything you should know about Season 3 of Up and Vanished. 

Up and Vanished Season 3 Release Date

Up and Vanished Season 3 Release Date
Up and vanish season 1

The very first season of the show has been released on 7 August 2016, then on 20 August 2018, the second season was released. The third season of the show was released on the 9th of January 2021. According to the up and vanished Instagram the 4 episodes of the podcast have been released and you can check them out on different platforms like Spotify Apple, podcast, and iheart radio.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Up and Vanished Season 1 Release Date7 August 2016
Up and Vanished Season 2 Release Date20 August 2018
Up and Vanished Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Up and Vanished Season 3 Release Date

Up and Vanished Season 3 Story

In season 3 Payne Lindsey, who is the host of the show, finds out about the disappearance of an indigenous woman who went missing on a Blackfeet Indian reservation. The story is of 2017 and the investigation takes a lot of unusual turns this will give you a lot of chills listening.

The story was about a high school teacher Tara Grinstead. The show is full of action drama and thrillers which will give you so many Goosebumps listening. Because of the disappearance of the school teacher, the host became so curious about the disappearance of people and started writing and recording all of this.


And here we are today with three seasons of one of the most famous podcasts on Spotify and the Apple podcast. In the past, Payne was not a big fan of crime and adventure thrillers. But today more than 240 million have listened to this podcast and more than 70k people follow the podcast on Instagram. Making it one of the most famous audio series in the world. 

The first season was released in 2016 and season 2 was released in 2018 and this season 3 was released in 2021. Every season is loved by the audience very much and the show is highly acclaimed by the critics. 

Up and Vanished Season 2 Recap

Up and Vanished Season 3 Release Date
Payne Lindsey, the creator of the podcast

The show revolves around a missing person and the host and creator of the show investigate them. In all three seasons, Payne is about the unusual disappearance of different people and writes to find out where they are right now and how they have Gone missing. The show is about interviewing and witnessing the people on-site and finding out the reason behind their disappearance.

The audio series was produced by Tenderfoot TV and in 2016 it got so much attention because of the investigation of the beauty queen and the school teacher’s disappearance which was Season 1 and because of that 2 to 3 people also got arrested.

Every episode of the show is an onsite investigation and it will give you so many chills when you will be hearing about the disappearance of people as it’s so much something that is new to the audience. 

The director of the show is pain who is an award-winning filmmaker and she is a critically acclaimed Atlanta monster. You can read and learn more about him from an Instagram page and on the official website of the podcast.

The website of the show is also very fascinating to go through. You can investigate the whole season and listen to all the episodes and read them one by one and it will give you so many chills. 

Where To Listen Up And Vanished? 

The podcast is available on Spotify Apple podcast and iheart radio. There are three seasons of the show and each season consists of 4 to 5 episodes of 50 minutes. Do check out all the three seasons of the show and do let us know what you think about the podcast. And if you are a fan of listening to something which is a crime thriller and which can Give You Goosebumps up and vanish is something that you should listen to. 


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