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Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix That You Can’t Miss

Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix
Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix

Val Edward Kilmer came into existence on 31st December 1959 in Los Angeles, California. He is an American actor popularly known for his comic roles in the movie Top Secret which came out in the year 1984 and Real Genius in the year 1985. He is also known for his action movies such as Top Gun which came out in the year 1986 and a movie belonging to the fantasy genre named Willow which came out in the year 1988.

Val was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for the character named Chris, he played in the movie titled Heat which came out in the year 1995, and a movie named Kiss Kiss Bang Bangwhicht came out in the year 2005. He played a character named Gay Perry in that movie. Talking about the best of his works, several other movies are worth the reputation they have. The movies include The Doors which came out in the year 1991 in which he played Jim Morrison, Philip II of Macedon in Alexander in the year 2004, John Holmes in Wonderland in the year 2003, Doc Holliday in Tombstone in the year 1993, John H. Patterson in The Ghost and the Darkness in the year 1996 and a character Elvis Presley in the movie True Romance which came out in the year 1993. All the movies mentioned are real-life characters that he played on screen. Val was also recognized for his role as Bruce Wayne a popular character in The Batman Forever which came out in the year 1995. He has been renting his vocals for some of his projects such as the character Moses in an animated movie named The Prince of Egypt that came out in the year 1998 and also for a video game named Spiderman: Edge of Time that came out in the year 2011.

Talk about multitalented, I say, Val Kilmer, he not only acts and is an amazing voice artist but also an author. His book came out in the year 2020 named I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir and a documentary came out in the year 2021 describing Val’s life story and highlights.

Val Kilmer Movies

Here is the list of Val Kilmer’s Movies that you would not want to miss:

  1. The Birthday Cake
  2. DejaVu
  3. Top Gun
  4. Batman Forever
  5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  6. True Romance
  7. Alexanderder
  8. Tombstone
  9. The Prince Of Egypt
  10. Willow
  11. The Doors
  12. Felon
  13. The Saint
  14. Red Planet
  15. Top Secret
  16. The Ghost And The Darkness
  17. MacGruber
  18. Planes
  19. Kill The Irishman
  20. Palo Alto
  21. Spartanatan
  22. The Salton Sea
  23. Real Genius
  24. Wonderland
  25. 5 Days Of War
  26. Thunderheat
  27. The Thaw
  28. Twixt
  29. Val
  30. The Real McCoy
  31. 10th &Wolf
  32. The Traveller
  33. Maskedsked And Anonymous
  34. Blind Horizon
  35. Hardwired
  36. Blood Out
  37. Streets Of Blood
  38. 7 Below
  39. The Island Of Dr. Moreau
  40. Kill Me Again
  41. Gun
  42. Hard Cash
  43. Delgo
  44. A Soldier’s Revenge
  45. Riddle
  46. Moscow Zero
  47. At First Sight
  48. Wyatt Earp’s Revenge
  49. American Coe slip
  50. Champion
  51. American Meth
  52. Song To Song
  53. Top Gun: Maverick

The latest of his work is his documentary on his own life named Val Kilmer. The documentary was released on 6th August in the year 2021. The documentary can be watched on Amazon Prime video with a proper subscription plan and no additional charges.

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Val Kilmer Career

1. How It All Began

Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix
Val Kilmer

Let’s begin with his career. You talk about success and dedication, I say, Val Kilmer. His career commences in the 1980s, Val was co-authoring in the play name How It All Began at Public Theater at the New York Shakespeare Festival. As the name of the play, it was indeed how it all began. He was even cast in the play.

2. The Slab Boys

the slab boys
The Slab Boys

In the year 1983, he was seen in The Slab Boys alongside Kevin Bacon, Sean Penn, and Jackie Earle Haley. Kilmer has to refuse several offers of plays at theaters due to his prior commitments to the producers. He had his bag full of ongoing and upcoming projects in his hand.

3. One Too Many

one too many
One Too Many

In the year 1983, the same as the year when The Slab Boys came out, another one of his stage roles came out like an episode of ABC Afterschool Special. The name of the episode was One Too Many. The play One Too Many was an enlightening episode on the hazardous effects of drinking and driving. He was accompanied by a young co-star Michelle Pfeiffer to demonstrate the concerned topic. Val has been versatile in his career and to which I would like to add his self-published poetries that are nothing less than an art in itself. In the year 1983, he published his book of poems titled My Eden After Burns, which he says is solely dependent on the time he spent with Michelle Pfeiffer. This book of his was so in demand that the purchase of the second-hand copies was also considered one of the lucky set of events. Val Kilmer was a heartthrob back in his days, dating several women gained him the title of a Ladies’ Man.

4. Top Secret

top secret
Top Secret

Kilmer came into the limelight after the spy movie came out named Top Secret. He was cast as the lead role in the movie where he played a rock and roll singer. As I said, Versatility is Kilmer’s middle name as he sang all the songs in the movie and released them under the name Nick Rivers which was, by the way, the character from the movie he worked in.

Later he played the role of an agent, who had the responsibility of rescuing a kidnapped daughter from evil and saving the day. As said he is dedicated to his roles so he got Delta Force training for this particular role.

5. Top Gun

top gun
Top Gun

Val was cast in the movie Top Gun an action genre movie alongside Tom Cruise, for this movie he had to turn down an offer to play a role in the David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. Top Gun was another big hit for Kilmer’s career, after that movie he got more recognition as the movie fetched up to $344 Million worldwide.

6. The Murder In The Rue Morgue

Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix
The Murder In The Rue Morgue

In the year 1985, he traveled a lot and in the same year, he got a lead role in a comedy movie named Real Genius. Soon after that, he was bombarded with roles and next projects like The Murder In The Rue Morgue and The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains.

7. Kill Me Again

Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix
Kill Me Again

Joanne Whalley was his co-star in the movie Willow and also his future wife. Val appeared in the Colorado Shakespeare Festival production of Hamlet in the year 1988. Another movie came out named Kill Me Again in which he was playing a lead role opposite his future wife Joanne Whalley.

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8. The Doors

the doors
The Doors

Kilmer was approached by the director Oliver Stones regarding the making of the movie The Doors. This movie at first was not what Kilmer wanted it to be, he did not want to portray a bad image through himself to the society as the storyline had way too much abuse and drug use. Kilmer asked the director and the writer to hear him out on the suggestions he had to make regarding the storyline and the portraying of the characters in a proper manner. Kilmer went through Morrison’s story which had several loopholes and could have been told differently, also the wrongly picked heroes were out of the imagination that could not fit in satisfactorily. The director heard all the suggestions that Kilmer had to make, and he gave this storyline a new perspective to look at. The director considered the ideas and the ideas were put into action then. He recorded his song and presented it to the director Oliver but he was not considering including Kilmer’s songs in the movie, the original producer of The Doors Paul Rothchild had a different opinion. He said he was shaken by Kilmer’s singing and went ahead and recorded all his songs and made a soundtrack out of it. Kilmer was dedicated to the role of Morisson in this movie, he went to tribute concerts and started reading Morrisons’ poetry to get himself into the character.

Val performed the character of Morisson so well that people went on praising him for how difficult at some point it was to differentiate between his voice and Morisson’s voice. The chief producer Paul Rothchild played the song sung by Kilmer named The End which was a hit on its own. Some of the members of the band like Ray Manzarek were not impressed with how Oliver Stones had his way of interpreting things and portraying Morisson’s story through his perception.

9. The Real McCoy

Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix
The Real McCoy

In the year 1990, Kilmer was seen real often on screen and on stages. He appeared in the movie belonging to the action-comedy genre The Real McCoy and a thriller Thunderhead.

10. True Romance

Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix
True Romance

Val is famously known for his real figure character roles such as Elvis Presley in the movie True Romance for which he reunited with the team of Top Gun which was also a great hit by the way.

11. Tombstone

Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix

Kilmer was cast in a movie named Tombstone as Doc Holliday with Kurt Russell, although he learned to play piano for the movie but did not play in the end.

12. Batman Forever

Val Kilmer Movie on Netflix
Batman Forever

When Kilmer’s movie named Tombstone came out, director Joel Schumacher was impressed with Val’s performance in the movie. The director Joel Schumacher approached Kilmer in the year 1993 for a role in his movie Batman Forever. When the director was showing interest in casting Kilmer for the role at that time the role belonged to Michael Keaton, although he did not want to continue with the third movie of the franchise after Batman Returns in the 1992s.The role was vacant as Michael Keaton did not show any interest in the role so Kilmer was cast in his place. Kilmer was so eager for the role that he accepted the offer without paying heed to who the director is or how the script of the movie flows. Cheers to his eagerness, in the year 1995 when the movie was put up on the screen, it was a huge success at the box office.

As far as the reviews go, there is good and bad feedback from the people in the industry The New York Times Janet Maslin says that Kilmer was a poor choice of replacement after Keaton while other personalities like Roger Ebert said that Kilmer’s performance was outstanding. Bob Kane the creator of Batman said that he can not biased towards any particular actor he considers Kilmer’s performance outstanding but so were the other actors who played the role before him.

Leonard Maltin criticized the tone of the Batman despite that he praised the performance of Kilmer. The fans had good things to say about his performance and the movie. They said the character development has been done creatively for Bruce Wayne showing him more approaching in the movie also Batman was more heroic and the public’s person in the movie, he was loved by the fans. Altogether, looking at the statistics his decision of joining the Batman franchise was not a bad decision for his career and his personal experience. He gained more fan following than he already had, which was a good thing. If people talk about you then at least you have done something to talk about may it be good or bad and in this case, it was a box office hit people got to talk about. Criticism is a part of growing in what you d, so it was a win-win scenario for Kilmer.

13. The Saint

Val Kilmer Movie on Netflix
The Saint

Later, Kilmer made up his mind about not returning for another movie of the Batman as it was merely based on villains, and also he had scheduling issues with his other upcoming project The Saint. Kilmer was replaced by Geroge Clooney in the Batman movie. He then played roles like Simon Templar in The Saint.

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14. The Island Of Dr. Moreau

Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix
The Island Of Dr. Moreau

Kilmer appeared alongside Marlon Brando in the movie The Island Of Dr. Moreau which was not considered the best of his works.

15. The Ghost And The Darkness

Val Kilmer Movie on Netflix
The Ghost And The Darkness

He worked alongside Michael Douglas in the movie The Ghost And The Darkness. The saint was a hit and fetched an amount of almost $169.4 million. He also received $6 million for the movie, he wrote poems to use for the movie.

16. The Prince Of Egypt

the prince of egypt
The Prince Of Egypt

Versatile as always, Kilmer rented his voice to an animated character Moses in the movie The Prince Of Egypt in the year 1998.

17. At First Sight

at first sight
At First Sight

He played a character of a blind man in a drama named At First Sight. He considered this role to be the toughest of all the roles he played before it.

18. Red Planet

Val Kilmer Movie on Netflix
Red Planet

Kilmer then joined the team with Warner Bros. which was a big-budget disaster in the year 2020 named Red Planet.

19. Pollock


He played supporting roles like in the film Pollock.

20. The Salton Sea

the salton sea
The Salton Sea

He was seen in a thriller movie named The Salton Sea.

21. Hard Cash

Val Kilmer Movie on Netflix
Hard Cash

Run For Money or The Hard Cash was his low-budget film which he did alongside his co-star from the movie they did True romance. The name of the co-star is Christian Slater.

22. Wonderland

Val Kilmer Movie on Netflix

Alongside Kate Bosworth, he played the role of a pornstar in a drama named Wonderland.

23. The Missing

The director from Willow reunited with Kilmer and released a movie starring Kilmer named The Missing.

Several other movies came out like Stateside and Mindhunters, which were not reviewed satisfactorily.

24. Alexander


He then reunited with the director Oliver Stones again and released a movie named Alexander starring Val Kilmer which turned out to be another disappointment. You can watch this on Netflix.

25. Prophet: The story of Joseph Smith

In the year 2004, Kilmer played Moses at a theater in the Los Angles. He was seen in an episode of Entourage playing Sherpa. He was working on a project which never came out named Prophet: The story of Joseph Smith. The years after the Batman and The Saint did not go very well for Kilmer although he managed to get back on his feet and did not give up.

26. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Val Kilmer Movie on Netflix
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

His movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang came out in the year 2005 in which he worked alongside Robert Downey Jr. The movie belonged to an action-comedy genre. The movie received an award for “Overlooked Film Of The Year” at the Phoenix Film Critics Society.

27. DejaVu

Val Kilmer Movie on Netflix

In the year 2009, he picked up his pace and came together with his previous director Tony Scott and released a box office hit movie named DejaVu alongside Denzel Washington. For the 2008 Knight Rider TV pilot film, Kilmer was the voice of the car KIIT. Will Arnett was the previous voice of the car who was replaced by Kilmer because of some contractual issue with General Motor.

28. Paydirt

Val Kilmer Movie on Netflix

The latest project off Kilmer was in the year 2020 when he was seen up on the screen with his daughter Mercedes Kilmer in the movie Paydirt.

Val Kilmer’s career is an on and offset of events, looking at which people can get inspiration on all the days are not the same but it does not matter what matter is what is within you. Kilmer has been through rough patches in his life alongside the success he had to face several criticisms and downfall as well.

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Val Kilmer Early Life

Val Kilmer was born to Gladys Swanette and Eugene Dorris Kilmer. He belonged to a family with rich professional background. His Grandfather was a gold miner, his father was an aerospace equipment distributor and his mother was a real estate developer. He had a combination of Irish, German and Cherokee cultures ingested in him. His parents got separated and divorced when he was just eight years old in the year 1968. Later his mother married another man named William Bernard Leach in the year 1970.

Val Kilmer was selected to the Juilliard School’s Drama Division, he was the youngest member of the group. Mare Winningham was his childhood romantic connection and Kevin Spacey was his friend with whom he went to the high school named Chatsworth High School

A tragic incident took place in the year 1977 when Val Kilmer’s younger brother drowned in a jacuzzi at the age of 15. It is said that Val Kilmer’s brother Wesley was suffering from Epilepsy and the reason for drowning was because his health condition. Val Kilmer was still recovering from the death of his younger brother, soon after that their father died in the year 1993. These years have been really difficult in his life as he was close to his brother as well as loved his father.

Val Kilmer Net Worth

Val Kilmer Movies on Netflix
Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer is one of the most known Personalities in the film industry. He has gained respect and a reputation for his hard work and sheer diligence. He has worked on a vast number of movies and Tv Series, also he is well known for poetry as well. His contribution to the film industry is the major source of his income.AS far as his other source of income is concerned it is believed that they are all legal and merchandising-related businesses that he is involved in.

Val Kilmer’s Net worth is estimated to be around $25 Million as of now in the year 2022. A few of the highlights of his income are as follows, he received $7 million for Batman, and later in the year 1997, he collected an amount of $13 million from two of the movies he did that year. At some point, he was one of the highest-paid actors in the industry. He owned a 6,000-acre ranch in New Mexico which he sold at an impressive amount of $18.5million. It is reported that he still has 160 acres left with himself.

Val Kilmer Personal Life

Dating frequently was Val Kilmer’s thing for which he was titled Ladies’ Man. He dated Cher, Cindy, Crawford, Angelina Jolie, Daryl Hannah, and Ellen Barkin.

After all these beautiful faces he finally stopped at one named Joanne Whalley, who he married in the year 1988 and unfortunately got separated and eventually divorced in the year 1996. The couple had a daughter together named Mercedes and a son named Jack. Val Kilmer shared the screen with his Daughter Mercedes in the year 2020.

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