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Was Itachi’s Name Ever Cleared After The War?

Was Itachi’s Name Ever Cleared After The War?
Was Itachi’s Name Ever Cleared After The War?

Whenever someone says the name Itachi it reminds us of the bond between the brothers and how the tragic story of Itachi really is. We all know what Itachi has suffered from a very young age and how he has witnessed the world so differently which makes him so strong and at the same time so inconsiderate. There are so many questions when it comes to Itachi and we are here to answer everything. 

Was Itachi’s Name Ever Cleared After The War?

Was Itachi’s Name Ever Cleared After The War?
Itachi and his friend

This is a question that most of you are asking and the fans of the show and especially the fans of Itachi think that he deserves more attention and his point of view towards the story. Because he has seen the things which a child should not and experiences the world so differently.

But when it comes to the question that after the war his name was cleared the answer is no and he never wanted to. We all know that he killed his entire Clan. Also, there was no proof behind the story. He will never be able to clear his name from the war because there was no proof behind the war and the story of why he did what he did. Only Itachi, Danzo, and the third homage know the story, and all of them died in the war. His name never got cleared from the war.

Naruto tried to give justice to his name after the 4th great Shinobi war and declared Itachi a war hero. Well, that’s what Itachi wanted. He never wanted his name to be clear from war and his instead toons were also not evil but in the end, he killed his entire clan. He deserves more than hatred and those who think he is a traitor can give a second thought to this.


Itachi has his own way of dealing with things. He has an ideology that he follows and he made his life choices according to that. The four-year-old kid who has sent so much and who is emotionally dramatized by so many events which made him such a person deserves better than the title of a traitor. She always made his family above pride and people above the war and love above his life but the circumstances were created in such a way that despite everything he became a villain.

The story of Itachi is really very sad and he died with a smile on his face but even after the war nobody was able to clear his name and he was given the name of a traitor but Naruto made him a hero of War. Whatever he did he dead it for peace and he lost everything because of War and his stupid selfishness but he always tried to protect his loved ones. The story of Itachi is emotional. 

About Naruto Anime

Was Itachi’s Name Ever Cleared After The War?
A scene from the anime

Naruto is an action fiction drama show which is available on Netflix. The nine seasons of the show are available on Netflix and the show is about Naruto who is a Teenage Ninja who goes on various Adventures with his friend and who is trained hard to become the Hokage. Naruto has to try hard to prove himself. The show is full of action drama and can make you embrace all your emotions.

The nine seasons are available on Netflix and each season consists of 26 episodes and each episode is 20-25 minutes long. So if you are in the mood to watch an anime that is full of action drama and Sci-fi fantasy, Naruto is your show. The fans of the show just love the show and If you’re friends with them and haven’t watched it they will make you feel so stupid and I am not kidding about that.

The show will give you those exciting goofy wives with all the emotions at your peak. The show has 8.5 IMDB reviews and some great audience reviews. The first episode of the show was released in 2002 and the last final episode was released in 2007. So, you can watch the trailer for the show on YouTube and Netflix, and if you like that go and watch the Anime. 

If you have any other questions you can come and down below and we are happy to answer them! And do let us know what you think about Naruto and Itachi. 


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