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We Own This City Season 2 Release Date: Announced?

We Own This City Season 2 Release Date
We Own This City Season 2 Release Date

We Own This City is an American miniseries based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton. The miniseries was developed and written by George Pelecanos and David Simon and directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green. The 6-episode series premiered on HBO on April 25, 2022. The miniseries records the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Race Task Force and its associated corruption. The story revolves around Sergeant Wayne Jenkins, one of eight officers convicted of various corruption charges in 2018 and 2019. It follows a non-linear story with frequent flashbacks. In March 2021, HBO wrote six episodes by the targets of David Simon and George Pelecanos, based on the book “We Own This City: A True Story of Crime, Cops, and Corruption” by Baltimore Sun investigative journalist Justin Fenton. I ordered the series. In May 2021, Reinaldo Marcus Green was confirmed to lead the series. Production is scheduled to begin in Baltimore in July 2021. Due to the “COVID-19 event”, production was temporarily suspended for a week in September 2021.

We Own This City Season 2 Release Date

We Own This City Season 2 Release Date
We Own This City Season 2

No, We Own This City isn’t expected to return to Season 2 as HBO claims it as a miniseries. In most cases, if a show is billed as a miniseries or limited series, it’s a sure sign that the story won’t last for more than a season. Over the years, there have been some exceptions, such as titles from the Big Little Lies and Marvel Studio’s warehouses. In addition, the actual source material on which the show is based (Baltimore officers) has no story to tell other than what was concluded in Season 1. This means that we need to introduce a new character when the second season arrives, which seems very unlikely. Police Sergeant Wayne Jenkins is currently providing a fair amount of text and will not be released until January 2039. Daniel Hassle was sentenced to 18 years in prison at the US Federal Prisoner’s Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri, and was convicted of robbery and swaying.

SeasonsRelease Dates
We Own This City Season 1 Release Date25 April 2022
We Own This City Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
We Own This City Season 2 Release Date

We Own This City Season 2 Story

Six of the eight Baltimore police officers arrested pleaded guilty to the indictment, and four agreed to testify to the other defendant’s police officers. All convicted members are currently sentenced to 7 to 25 years in prison. We Own This City consists of six episodes airing on HBO, each episode lasting about 60 minutes. The

The show airs weekly and all episodes are now available for streaming on HBO Max. Below, we’ve listed the release dates for the following episodes, along with all the episodes directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green. The series premiered on HBO on April 25, 2022, with a 93% approval rate and an average rating of 8.4 / 10, based on 42 critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. This series has been well received by fans who are wondering if the creators will continue the series. Originally, We Own This City was planned as a miniseries, so there is no second season for the series. Also, this series is a story that tells us the actual events that have already reached the climax. Therefore, it is unlikely that the series will be updated in the second season.


We Own This City Season 2 Cast

We Own This City Season 2 Release Date
We Own This City Season 2

Wunmi Mosaku as Nicole Steele, Jamie Hector as Sean Suiter, Jon Bernthal as Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, Josh Charles as Daniel Hersl, McKinley Belcher as Momodu “G Money” Gondo, Darrell Britt-Gibson as Jemell Rayam, and Rob Brown as Maurice Ward.

We Own This City Season 2 Trailer

Emmy Award-winning producer David Simon refocuses on the city of Baltimore in his new drama, We Own This City. This series shows the reunion of Simon and HBO, following the true story of corruption at the Baltimore Police Station’s Gun Race Task Force. By the way, we have provided a limited series of episode guides and links to our views on facts and fiction in each part of the season.

Where To Watch We Own This City?

The first episode aired on HBO on April 25, 2022, at 9 pm EST and was also available on HBO Max. The creators of The Wire (and some of its stars) returned to Baltimore 14 years later in the six-part drama “We Own This City.” This is a shocking story of police corruption based on real-life events. Stream all Sky Atlantic episodes now from Tuesday, June 7th.


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