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What Did Itachi Give Naruto?

What Did Itachi Give Naruto?
What Did Itachi Give Naruto?

If you are not a Naruto fan you are missing out on something! The show can bring the peak of every emotion of yours. Itachi is the one who made Naruto a crow. He planted a crow inside Naruto. But why and what power does it possess? Why Itachi did do it and what are the consequences of it? Let’s find out. 

What Did Itachi Give To Naruto?

What Did Itachi Give Naruto?
A scene from the anime

Question for many years has been asking what Itachi gave to Naruto? He gave Shisui’s eye to him. Itachi gave this to him during the Itachi pursuit arc. The eye was stuffed into Naruto in the form of a crow when Naruto was under Itachi’s Genjutsu.

You can read more about this in volume 44 Naruto chapter 403 and in the anime you can see episode 152. In this chapter, Itachi wanted to talk to Naruto but Naruto was unwilling to listen because of all the anger, and Itachi was forced to use Genjutsu on him. He wanted to make him a listen but his act is selflessly stupid.

About Naruto And Itachi

Well most of us consider Itachi a traitor but there are people who are big and huge gravy fans of him and think that people always misunderstand him. Whatever he does is selfish but he is always concerned about people. He is always doing something for his own profit but he always considers everyone around him without any selfishness.

Itachi is the one who suffers the most because of his own stupidity but she is very considerate. He killed everyone just to save his brother. This is the act of suffering but when he truly loves someone he can do anything for them. He was a traitor in the end. Killing his own clan for the piece is not an act of sacrifice or consideration. This is considered treachery. Many people are fans of Hitachi because whatever he witnessed from the age of 4 was horrible but he faced it with all the strength he had. When he was 5 he met his best friend and at the age of 21 he died while facing a battle. His best friend killed himself in front of him.

Itachi was 6 years old when Naruto was born. Hitachi even gave his power to Naruto and he was selfless when it came to Naruto. At the age of 4, Hitachi witnessed so many deaths because of the world war and he was emotionally traumatized by all of this but he still stands strong towards everything. So if you still don’t like Itachi you need to get your things straight. 


Where To Watch Naruto?

What Did Itachi Give Naruto?
What Did Itachi Give Naruto?

There are 72 volumes of Naruto and it is considered one of the best anime to date. The Manga series is in Anime form and it is available on Netflix. The genre of Naruto is fantasy, comedy, martial arts, adventure,e, and some drama. The fans of the show just love the Anime and there are so many episodes to binge. 

 You can watch it on Netflix and read the manga from the official website.  The last episode of the show was released on 8 February 2007 and the first episode was released on 3rd October 2002.

Well, the audience loves the show and the Fans are crazy about Naruto so we are no one to say that you should watch it or not but the show is worth your time. You can watch the trailer on YouTube and also on Netflix and let us know what you think about the show. Well even for Netflix not all the episodes in seasons are available on Naruto for some countries so you might have to find another way to watch it for some seasons. The show has 8.4 IMDB reviews and is considered one of the best anime with 92% of Google users liking the anime. 

Those who laugh to read the Manga are available in 7 volumes and those who want to watch Naruto can go on Netflix! Do let us know in the comment section which season is the best and which episode is the best. Which character do you like the most and what is the best about Naruto? 


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