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What Happened To Turtleman? Know Here

What Happened To Turtleman?
What Happened To Turtleman?

The very famous show of The Animal Planet, Call of the Wild Man is a great mashup between the belly Exterminator and Crocodile Hunter. Call of the wild man has four seasons and then mysteriously disappears from the air and now nobody knows what actually happened to the turtle man and the show.

The show is about the turtle man removing all the unwanted and some of the most deadly pests from the home. His unique way of catching up with dangerous animals and mostly from his bare hands quickly created a great fanbase. Even after such a great fan base what actually happened to the show nobody knows about it? So let’s find out the untold truth and why the show mysteriously disappeared.

What Happened To Turtleman?

What Happened To Turtleman?
Ernie Brown Junior

After the show got mysteriously taken away from the air, we saw the Brown Jr (Turtleman) in the streets helping other people. But on Tuesday, the total man is involved in some big bad accident. Brown Jr is 54 years old and came live recently from his hospital bed and told everyone from his live session that he met with a pretty bad accident and told that he got his one arm broken and said his chest is hurting. 

He said in his Facebook live that he fell from the tree. While he was cutting the tree he fell from about 50 feet and injured his arms and his whole body ached. According to some sources, he is in very much pain after the accident but because of the medication and the hospital consultancy, he is now in a good spirit and health.

He also thanked his friends, family, and fans for the good wishes since the news came out. His fans from all over the world are sending him love and are praying for him. And he said that he is very thankful for all the support he is receiving. 

The Turtle man is very kind and generous and after the accident, he was in very pain. According to the sources, they broke his limb and his neck. In the Facebook live session, he joked about his injuries and told everyone how much he is in pain right now but all the love that he is getting from all over the world is something that keeps on going and fighting from the Aftermath of the accident.

We hope he recovers soon from the accident and wishes him great health and wellbeing. We pray for his speedy recovery and send him all the love. His fans are still sending him messages and wishing for his great health and fast recovery. We also hope that he recovers soon and keep us updated on his YouTube channel.


What Happened To The Show?

What Happened To Turtleman?
The Turtleman with Turtle

Call of the Wild Man which has four seasons and aired from 2011 to 2014 had a very great fan base but it mysteriously disappeared from the air! Why? Because of many valid reasons. The very first reason is in 2019 the coaster of the show, the Banjo man, died because of some natural causes. There were a lot of Shady injuries that happened to the cast and other crew members which caused serious allegations and some people also put some serious allegations that there are some unethical activities that happened during the ongoing of the show.

There was one investigation that happened which was 7 months long and that revealed all the Shady and unethical culture of the show. In 2013 the show hit with an NWCO license. In one of the episodes, he took a deer from a store and exchanged it for a suit of armor. The officers and the department said that he could lose the license for more than 3 years and can receive a criminal citation for whatever happened in that episode.

Other Institutions like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States also started investigations and signed a petition for the cancellation of the show because of the unethical treatment towards animals. And after all the investigation and the petition, the show no longer has a license and was taken from the air. The show has created a lot of controversies and the aftermath of that is the show which was canceled in 2014. The last episode of the show was called, Call in The Cavalry that year on September 14, 2014. The first episode of the show was aired on October 30 2011 and is called The Turtles of Alcatraz Pond.


About Turtleman

What Happened To Turtleman?
Turtleman and his fans

He started catching Turtles and fish when he was 7 years old. In an interview with channel guide magazine, he told how he started his career. He said that when he was a kid he and his family ran out of food and his uncle came over with some fresh meat and said, “Let me tell you how to cook this”. Earl old brown junior said that he wanted to try taking the meat. Since then he has been a total man and from that one, experience has become one of the most loved people. The Turtle man has two daughters, Megan Brown and Courtney Brown. 

He was born on March 28, 1965, and his parents, Ernie Lee Brown Sr. And Lola Brown loved him immensely. He was born in Kentucky, United States. He spent most of his time outside the house and at the age of 12 he caught a 50-pound turtle. And he gave it to the Louisville Museum. 

According to some sources he has a million-dollar net worth. He got his fame from the animal. Planet show and earned a lot from there before the cancellation of the show. He went through a lot of surgeries during the show and overcame all of them.

Many people call The Turtle man for his dental deficiency. According to some sources, some accidents while shooting the episodes for the show got in some accidents and lost his teeth and he got 189 stitches because of that one accident. She has been through so many accidents during the filming of the episode that he was literally a step away from death.

Turtlelman is also a great environmentalist. He said that since he was scared he stored the rainwater collected and not for washing his dishes or any other stuff but for drinking water. He has helped many victims of the Elk River chemical spill to collect water collection drives and by the end of the drive, he filled 5-ton national guard trucks. She helped the victim by giving them the necessary stuff like bottle-packed water, some utensils, baby wipes, and paper products which can help them for a very long time, and some usable water to sustain themselves.

The Turtle man has his first single which is called Turtleman Strong which has a music video and he has written around 90 songs and overall of three albums. In the first single he is telling his life story through a song. 

The Return of the Legendary Turtleman

Early Brown embraced the new media and launched his own YouTube channel recently and within a few weeks, he had around 900 subscribers. He keeps on doing what he was doing in the show and a few episodes of the total man show you can watch on his channel and if you are a fan of him and honestly some cute and some professional live events, you can watch it in his YouTube channel. 


There are some videos like when he was getting a haircut and a monkey petted his arm during the haircut, there was another video where he is finding a snake which is hanging around his cabin. The total man has got around 12000 turtles in his career and that’s why he has given the name the turtle man. 

About Call Of The Wildman

What Happened To Turtleman?
Ernie during the show

Call of the wildman is an American live-action TV reality show which has around four seasons with 72 episodes and has a great fan base. The show has created a lot of controversies during its filming at the end of the year due to the petition by some of the major institutions. 

The show was telecasted on the animal planet and because of the live-action and not SO scripted show, the people really like that. That’s why the show has created a fan base just like the show of the discovery channel Man versus Wild. The cast of the show includes Ernie Brown Jr. and Neal James. The show has 6.7 IMDB reviews and 87% like the TV show.  The fans of the show were heartbroken when it got canceled but are still hoping that they might see more of the show.

 Well, Because of certain allegations and canceling of his license because of the mistreatment of animals the turtle man cannot come back to the TV but Earl Brown releases his own on  YouTube channel and he keeps uploading the videos quite regularly. So, if you were a fan of the show you can watch some live action on his YouTube channel. We believe that it is as entertaining as the show. 

To know more about your favorite celebrity or any other artist check out our other articles. 


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