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Where Was Are You The One Season 6 Filmed?

Where Was Are You The One Season 6 Filmed?
Where Was Are You The One Season 6 Filmed?

Are You The One?, also referred to as AYTO?, is a reality television series of American origin that first premiered on 21 January in the year 2014. The show airs on the MTV network channel and is presented by Ryan Devlin from seasons 1 through 5 and later, the show is presented by Terrence J from seasons 6 through 8. The show’s producers are Howard Schultz, Jeff Spangler, Rob LaPlante, and Scoot Jeffress. The show is produced by Lighthearted Entertainment and distributed by Viacom Media Networks and is aired on the MTV network channel. The show currently has eight seasons which consists of 88 episodes. Season eight of Are You The One? premiered on MTV, on 26 June in the year 2019. This season was the first season in reality TV history, to feature sexually fluid and openly LGBTQ contestants. This decision by the show’s executives was met with critical acclaim and praise. The show was renewed for a ninth season by MTV, with production and filming set to resume in 2022. The ninth season is branded as a global edition, meaning that contestants from international countries will also be featured, and will premiere on Paramount+.  

Where Was Are You The One Season 6 Filmed?

Where Was Are You The One Season 6 Filmed?
Are You The One?

Season one of Are You The One? was filmed in Kauai, located in Hawaii, and premiered on 21 January in the year 2014. Season two premiered on 6 October in the year 2014 and was filmed in San Juan, located in Puerto Rico. Season three premiered on 24 September in the year 2015 and was filmed in Kona, Hawaii. Season four premiered on 13 June in the year 2016 and was filmed in Maui, Hawaii. Season five premiered on 11 January in the year 2017 and was filmed in Cabarete, located in the Dominican Republic. Season six of Are You The One? was filmed in New Orleans, located in Louisiana, USA. Season six premiered on 20 September in the year 2017. Season seven is titled Season of Fate, which premiered on 15 August in the year 2018 and was filmed in Kona, Hawaii. Season eight is titled Come One, Come All, which premiered on 26 June in the year 2019, and was filmed in Kona, Hawaii.


Are You The One Story

Where Was Are You The One Season 6 Filmed?
Are You the One?

Are You The One is a show that is aimed at young singles who are trying to find true love. A large group of women and men are secretly paired together as couples through the use of a matchmaking algorithm. The group then lives together and attempts to figure out who they have been paired with. If they succeed in figuring out their perfect match, the entire group is awarded a prize of $1 million. In each season, the contestants go on dates with partners in the truth booth, where they try to figure out if they have been paired with their perfect math. Once the truth booth will confirm that the couple is indeed a perfect match, that couple is then sent to the honeymoon suite and are by default paired as a couple for the remainder of the season. At the end of every episode, the contestants are paired up in a “matching ceremony”, where they learn their number of perfect matches but not which matches are accurate. From the third season, the prize of $1 million was deducted any time that the contestants failed to identify their perfect match, other than those matches that were already confirmed by the truth booth.

The show also has a spin-off series titled Are You The One: Second Chances, which premiered on 22 March in the year 2017. The series is filmed in Melbourne, located in Australia, and is hosted by Karamo Brown. The series features the 10 perfect matches from the previous eight seasons, who return to the show to compete in various tasks that are designed to determine the strength of their relationships. In each progressive week, the teams or couples could add an extra amount to their potential winnings. However, the individual contestants were allowed to take their respective team’s winnings from their partner and thereby remove their team from the game.

Where to Watch Are You the One?

Are You the One? can be viewed online on Hulu, Hotstar, Voot, and Paramount+.


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