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Who is Darius Campbell Wife?

Who is Darius Campbell's Wife?
Who is Darius Campbell's Wife?

I bet everyone enjoys celebrity gossip, right? That is why page three papers sell like hotcakes or even Sunday Special News.  

And I am quite sure you will agree with me on this. 

Darius Campbell was one of the hottest singers. News and gossip about him are still reaching sky high even after his tragic death. Yes, you heard right, those who knew him would be aware that the Scottish singer is no longer with us.

Although the couple tied their knots they couldn’t have the forever after as the singer took his last breath. As devastating as it may sound now the most searched tag includes who is the singer’s wife.

When curiosity is sky high, we decided to help you down with the unanswered questions.

Read below to know who Darius Campbell’s Wife is. 

The articles below contain everything about the better half of the singer, their life and other facts! Read now! 

Who is Darius Campbell’s Wife?

Who is Darius Campbell Wife?
Who is Darius Campbell Wife?

We found that this is quite a hot topic among Darius’s fans. So, we decided to pitch in an article for the same. You will find the answers to your question over here.

Darius Campbell Danesh, was a Scottish singer, actor, songwriter and film producer. The 41 years old singer was not only a pop singer but he could also play the guitar very well. He even debuts in many shows. He rose to fame after his ITV show but his unfortunate death left everyone around him heartbroken. 

Now, to answer your question. Before that, I would need to turn the question around. Rather than being questioned about who is his wife, I would turn it to, who was his wife? Darius’s ex-wife’s name is Natasha Henstridge.

Yes, you read correctly. The couple got divorced way back in 2013 hence, Natasha was no longer his current wife.

But even after their divorce the duo stayed in touch and shared a beautiful bond of love and understanding. 

Natasha is a Canadian actress and model who was married to our pop star for two years. But the two got divorced. But that didn’t put a ‘the end’ to their love story. They continued to stay in touch. She even shared her ongoing love pictures with her former divorced husband as well.

But you will no longer find them on her Instagram handle as she has deleted them.

When Natasha heard about her husband’s demise that came as a huge shock for her. As the internet flooded with tributes for the dead star, Natasha too shared her deep emotion and the feeling of loss upon her ex-husband’s death news. 

Who Is Natasha Henstridge?

As I mentioned earlier Natasha is a Canadian actor and model. She is now 48. 

With her debut film, Species, she rose to fame and people came to know about her. With this, she acted in many films including; The Whole Nine Yards, and Ghosts of Mars. Recently she was seen in another film, Diggs town. 


Being a model her career started when she was just a teenager. 

She acted in many web series as well, if you go down the list of her performances you will find her performances in many movies, some of which are an immediate hit after their release. 

Love Life of Natasha and Darius

Who is Darius Campbell Wife?
Love life of Natasha and Darius

Natasha got engaged to Darius Campbell in 2010. But soon they broke up. Again, they tied their knot in 2011 on Valentine’s Day in California. But they couldn’t enjoy the marital bliss as the couple filed for a divorce in 2013, two years after their marriage.

In 2018, finally, they called it quits as their frequent ups and downs in their wedded life created chaos. Hence, they both came up with a decision to break off their marriage.

While they were in a relationship, Darius took the responsibilities of the two sons of Natasha by becoming their stepfather. 

Rumours have it, that she might be in a relationship with Chris Browning. 

Although the duo broke up, they continued to stay in touch and were often found together in pictures posted by her ex-wife.

But sadly, as his demise followed it shattered the heart of the Canadian actress. The reasons for his death remain unknown. He was found unresponsive in his apartment and was later declared dead in the afternoon.

The singer took his last breath on 11th August 2022, breaking the hearts of millions. 

You will find many of his songs on Spotify and YouTube, do visit the sites to hear his performances.


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