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Find Out Who Is Eloy De Jong’s Partner and Other Facts!

Who Is Eloy De Jong’s Partner?
Who Is Eloy De Jong’s Partner?

Eloy Francois de Jong is a pop singer and moderator, as you may have known.

Are you back to get intel on the latest gossip? Well, Eloy has been the talk of the town for a long time. Rumors like who he is dating? Is he married? 

Questions like these and more have come to your notice quite often. So, we thought, why not share the details with you folks so that you have all your questions answered?

And who doesn’t want a closer peek at the life of these celebrities and if he is this handsome; then, of course, you will be very interested. 

But let me tell you guys, the Dutch singer has been very secretive about his love life. Being a lover of privacy, it’s been challenging to get anything on him. Even so, he is a guy who likes to maintain a strict boundary between personal and private life.

He doesn’t mix business with strings. So, you must know by now that getting gossip from his co-workers has proven to be next to impossible. But nothing can miss the prying eyes of our sources, who are always on their toes. Here we are with exciting and hidden facts which we are dying to share with you folks.

Facts about his dating life, his love partner, his personal life, and many other exciting news and dates are shared by us below. Keep reading so that you don’t miss this exciting and hot topic of this month. So now as we are talking about him, you must be curious by now about the celebrity’s personal life! Is he single, or is he taken? This is the most searched question on the net nowadays.

Well then, I won’t keep you waiting but will directly take you to have your question answered here.

Who Is Eloy De Jong’s Partner?

Who Is Eloy De Jong’s Partner?
Who Is Eloy De Jong’s Partner?

The father of two kids has been very secretive about his love life. He was blessed with a son, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it at birth. So, now he only has his daughter by his side.

But we followed his latest updates and pictures and got an entail of who is his current partner. But we will slowly move on to that, but before that, I would like to discuss in detail his exes. 

In 1999, Eloy was dating Stephen Gately, opening up about his sexuality. Gately is an Irish singer, and the duo belonged to the boy band Boyzone. They were seen together quite a few times and had beautiful chemistry. But things didn’t last long as they broke off their relationship after dating for three years straight. They called their quits back in 2002. 

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Gately died later in 2009 as he was diagnosed with a pulmonary enema. He was a trendy dancer, singer, and songwriter. 

After Eloy’s three years relationship with Gately, he moved on, and then he started dating Carlo Boszhard. Carlo is a Dutch moderator, singer, impersonator, and famous TV personality. At this time, the couple was blessed with two children but unfortunately, one of them died, as I mentioned a bit earlier.

The fathers were raising their daughters by sharing their co-parenting guidelines with the girl’s mother. 

Who Is Eloy De Jong Dating Now?

Who Is Eloy De Jong’s Partner?
Who Is Eloy De Jong Dating Now?

But then it leads to the question of who he is now with. That’s a question that we can’t possibly answer. In all probability, he might be single now. As I mentioned, he is instead a hush-hush person who likes to maintain his privacy. So, after his past relationships, he might be single and only focusing on raising their beautiful daughter. 

And not to forget his career as well. Like his present relationship status, even his daughter’s name remains unknown. As I said, he is a reserved persona who doesn’t like public meddling with his personal affairs. 

The 49 years old Dutch singer never took the vows of marriage. He was in a past relationship with the two guys I mentioned only a few minutes back.

Will he tie the strings of marriage, and most importantly, is he dating someone? Well, the answer to these questions is very much uncertain. Like you, we, too, are not aware of his current relationship and are only going by the fact that he is single now. 

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If we get any intel on his partner or love life, for that matter, we will inform you. So, stay in touch for more exciting facts and gossip, for that matter. 

Eloy De Jong’s Career

Who Is Eloy De Jong’s Partner?
Eloy De Jong

The Dutch singer rose to fame in the early 1990s when he was a part of the English-Dutch boy group. The name of the group was Caught in the Act. It was a four-member group, and he was chosen to be one of the singers here. The group made a breakout in both the Netherlands and Germany. But it was mainly in Germany, where the group sold more than 20 million records. They had huge success there in Germany.

Soon after, the band broke off; he was previously part of two very famous groups. They are Caught in the Act and Bravo All-Stars. They were very renowned boy bands back in the 90s. I am hoping you may have at least heard the names, even if you haven’t listened to the music. Or maybe you have. You will find the songs of both bands online. 

But again, in 2004, he made a massive comeback as he appeared on stage as a solo singer. Moreover, he immediately caught the public’s attention when he came out as gay with his first boyfriend. But then, as you all know, they broke up after two years of their ongoing relationship back in 2002.

When he started again as a solo singer back in Germany, it was the song, Angel In Disguise, which was a sure hit.  But this was not the only song that won his fans’ hearts. A huge hit upon his release followed several and all his upcoming songs. 

Regenbogen, Egal was andere sagen, Liebe kann so weh tun, Bist du’s Oder Bist du’s Nicht; are some of his hits, which you should definitely not miss. If you know him before, you might have heard his songs, and if you don’t. Then, guys, I suggest you listen to his songs now. 

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His songs can be streamed on several platforms, even if you don’t have a subscription. Just chill! You will find the pieces on YouTube, JioSavaan, Spotify, YouTube Music, Ganna, and Apple Music.

Visit any of these accounts and give the songs a hearing. I can assure you that you will love the songs. 

He is even known to have won the Newcomer of the Year Award. 

Eloy De Jong’s Net Worth

Who Is Eloy De Jong’s Partner?
Eloy De Jong

And finally, the hot topic for today. What is the celebrity’s net worth?

Well, well! Since we have picked up the topic, we will share the information with you, no doubt about that.

Eloy De Jong’s net worth this year has been estimated to be $4.7K. In 2019 it was around $6.6K. So definitely, there has been a rise in the value, and it may again rise higher in the upcoming years.

With each passing year, his net value is rising, which is quite apparent because he is not only famous, but his songs are trendy and loved by all. 

Back in 2018, it was $2.8. K, he has most definitely risen from there ever since. 

So, this is all about Eloy De Jong for you guys. I am hoping the article has answered all the questions that you were hoping to get answers to. If you have any further questions feel free to add them in the comments below.

We would love to answer all of them. Till then, enjoy reading and engaging in more celebrity gossip, such as you enjoy his music. We will get back to you soon if we hear anything interesting about the celebrity while we are at it.

Also, if you want to have a closer look at the life of the celebrity we are talking about today. You know where to follow him, right? Well, go to Instagram and find the pictures that he shares. You will find photos of him with his adorable daughter. Moreover, you can even visit his partner’s account to glimpse the images he shared of the duo in Gram.

Well, that is what are you waiting for? Log into social media and scroll through the posts.

While I get back to you with more juicy gossip in a while.


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