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Will There Be More Episodes Of Lookism?

Will There Be More Episodes Of Lookism?

Lookism is a very popular webtoon that has turned many heads. Webtoons turning into a series is a dream come true for many fans. In the same way, Lookism has gained more fans since it was made into a series!

Not just any series but a Netflix one! Created by Park Tae-Jun, it is abundant with its variety of genres and interesting. It touched on the subject of culture and its beauty standards. It revolves around high school life and topics like bullying faced by students.

The life student who wants to transform his life by moving to this new city is such a good story. How he tries to make his life better and also unravels this beautiful secret that makes him question everything is the plot of the story. To know what that is, continue reading!

Will There Be More Episodes Of Lookism?

Will There Be More Episodes Of Lookism?

Being a very popular webtoon, Lookism has kept the audience thrilled through its first season. Audiences have eagerly waited for the episodes and are very interested to watch the next season.

The show ended on a cliffhanger and the audience has been waiting ever since. To know what happens, to let the curiosity bubble up. But if the series had to return, a trailer or at least a teaser would’ve been launched by the end of 2022.

Netflix has not yet replied to the matter leaving the audience confused. Since there have been no updates, there’s not likely much to expect. But there might still be a chance that the show gets renewed for yet another season of its own glory and charm.


Lookism Season 2 Predictions

We have all been waiting to see Park Tae- Jun return to the second season. But for that to take place, we will have to wait a bit longer. It is currently unclear the show’s status and if it will return it not.

If there is any hope left, Netflix will soon make an announcement or release a trailer stating the renewal of the show.

Daniel Park represents most of the students in this society. People who dream of joining a school or a college to change their lives. To make things better and dream of happiness. But, what if you could turn into another person and then become yourself later? That’s amazing.

Living two lives and then returning to be your original self is a dream come true. Watching this in detail and going into the person’s mind to understand what they feel is the plot of this drama.

Lookism Season 1 Recap

Will There Be More Episodes Of Lookism?

The story revolves around high school and its many components. The show is about Daniel Park, who is the lead. Even on the webtoon, the character is of the same name. With high hopes and a heart full of dreams, Daniel comes to Seoul. While the reasons are many, he dreams to spend a good time here.

His bully, Logan Lee has made his life miserable and he is trying to move on from it. Since the story is so good, how great must be the plot? Yes, it is mesmerizing. Daniel wakes up one day to look like a Greek god. Tall and handsome, somebody who everybody would turn and look at twice!

Daniel’s original chubby cute body is gone and he’s a tall guy. At the wake of dusk, he returns to his original form. Again in the morning, he turns into this beautiful human.


With this double life that Daniel is leading, he tries to understand how complicated beauty standards are. He faces all the questions that he’s asked himself all his life. He expresses how unfair society is.

Season 2 of the show would surely bring out more of his experiences, and more of his feelings in detail.

While the story is enthralling, watching it would be a great experience.

There have been many other webtoons and mangas that have picked up the same plot as Park Tae Jun. There are many Kdramas as well that have become popular through their story. When the lead male or female tries to hide their other identity, the plot intensifies.

The Webtoon has completed several volumes and has kept its audience thrilled all along the way. It will be great if the Webtoon returns as a series for the audience. To see how such a beautiful toon can be shown as a series is one of the challenges to the makers indeed.

To know if this show is returning or not, there’s only one way and that is to wait and watch what happens.


Lookism, the anime has 7.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

How many total episodes are there in Lookism?

In season 1, Lookism has a total of 8 episodes.

Will there ever be Lookism season 2?

It is not yet confirmed by Netflix.

Is there any trailer for Lookism season 2?

No, it is not yet available.

What is the genre of Lookism?

It is an action show.

When was Lookism first released?

It was released on 8 December 2022.


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