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Lala Kent Relationship History: A Look into the Reality Star’s Dating Life”

Relationships define a person. They bring together two people who try to form a life together. People share memories together and create different bonds.

Celebrity relationships are usually hard to be kept a secret. Since there are cameras all around them, they are forced to keep it known to others. Anytime they meet or go out, somehow they are caught in the eyes of the camera.

Relationships are usually fun to be a part of. There’s a first to everything. They get to make new memories together. They start going out together alone and start making plans to do stuff. They are really fun to be together too!

When in a relationship we forget everything about others as well. It consumes us fully and gives us a lot of fun and happiness. Such relationships are worth our time. Even if they end, they help us evolve and become better versions of ourselves.

Let’s look at the dating history of a celebrity now! It’s none other than Lala Kent.

Who did Lala Kent date over the years? Read more to know!

Lala Kent Relationship History

We all have to agree, Lala is a stunning actress. She has starred in many roles which have amused the audience. Her fans are now waiting for her to do more roles and come up with many projects as well.

Lala Kent was previously engaged to Randall. But due to some issues, they broke their engagement. This has made many read about her past relationships and those she was with.

Let’s begin!

Lala Kent and James Kennedy were dating a while ago. They were together from 2015 to 2016.

Lala Kent and Jax Taylor were rumored to be together in 2015. It may or may not have been true but they surely would’ve made a great couple.

And now, the main man. Randall Emmett and Lala Kent were together for many years. Ever since 2016, they were rumored to be together. Lala and Randall were also engaged and ready to be married soon.

Randall and Lala Kent broke their engagement a while ago. Many rumors started because of this but both of them just made it clear that the relationship has ended.


Lala Kent

Lala Kent is a TV star. She is an author who has written her own books as well. Lala was born on 2nd September 1990. Lala Kent gained popularity by being on a television show. She was a part of Bravo’s Vanderpump. That’s where it all began. Lala Kent and her co-star, James Kennedy shared great chemistry.

 Lala Kent is a good author. Her books are quite interesting as well. Lala was previously with Randall Emmett. Randall and Lala were together until 2021. They were also engaged. Not only that, they have a little kid too. Ocean Kent Emmett is their son who is now just one year old.

After they’ve decided not to get married, we do not know how they plan to manage the ocean situation. But all we know is that they did make a great couple.


Lala Kent is surely a great author and a mom. She loves Ocean a lot. Lala has kept her life private and has many awards too. Lala has created an entire environment for herself where it’s just her and her audience. Her content is always interesting.

Her Instagram has a lot of followers and she posts pictures of herself and her life. Lala has inspired many to become like her. She has given a reason for many to follow their passion.

Becoming a writer, she has poured her thoughts out on books. She has explained how she feels about many things. Many audiences have related to her and have become her fans.

If there are any updates about her or little Ocean Kent Emmett, we will let you know.

Until then, stay tuned for more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Lala Kent

1.Who is Lala Kent?

Lala Kent is a TV star. She is also an author.

2. What show made Lala Kent famous?

Lala Kent gained popularity from her appearance on Vanderpump.

3. Who was Lala Kent engaged to?

Lala Kent was engaged to Randall Emmett.

4. Is Lala Kent married?

Lala Kent is not married, as she and Randall decided to break their engagement.

5. What is the relationship between Lala Kent and James Kennedy?

Lala Kent and James Kennedy were co–stars on Vanderpump.

6. Who is Lala Kent dating now?

Lala Kent is currently not dating anyone.


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