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Overlord Season 5 Release Date And Spoilers!

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

Animes are great when there are a lot of seasons following them. Many anime have a lot of good plots following their genres. These animes are more attractive when they are based on a manga or a light novel. The audience is those who have already read the manga and are great fans of it.

Making an anime match their expectations is not easy. Starting an anime with the point of view like the writer is essential. Satisfying manga fans while adapting the story is quite a challenge.

The anime in the discussion today is Overlord. Overlord is a very famous anime that has already had four seasons. It is based on its own light novel series as well. The name of the novel is also called Overlord. With his skills, the author has done a good job with the light novel. Kugane Maruyama is the author of this manga while the illustrations were done by So-Bin.

The anime version was written by Yukie Sugawara. The direction has come out super cool. The director is Naoyuki Ito. The production house is Madhouse and just like always, they have killed it. After season 4, the series gained a lot of new viewers. The way the show has been made had made it gain more popularity.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

Overlord and its novel version are one of the coolest shows recently. Season 4 has gained a lot of audiences and the anticipation for the next season has gone over the sky. The audience can’t wait when the announcements will be made about season 5. On September 27, 2022, the last episode of season 4 premiered.

There have been 16 volumes of Overlord already. The seasons have so far gone with filming the episodes according to the light novel. The show has taken up a lot of volumes and made them into scripts already. Season 4 of the anime has already finished 14 volumes of the novel.

The light novel has now finished 16 volumes and this is not enough content for another season. So, the chances of another season of Overlord of very less right now. If there are over 20 volumes, the makers will have enough content to pick and also leave for the next. Until then, there will not be announcements about season 5.

The light novel is going on at a great speed. There will be volumes of the manga very soon. The production houses also have not yet made any announcements regarding the season or its renewal.

The writer, Yukie Sugawara has confirmed that there will be 18 volumes of Overlord as a novel. So, after all, these volumes are released, the makers will soon start to make announcements or tell us if there will not be another season.

Name Of The ShowOverlord
Season NumberSeason 5
Overlord Season 1 Release Date7th July 2015
Overlord Season 5 Release DateNot Announced


Overlord Season 4 Recap

All the seasons of Overlord have gained immense popularity for their story. People who only watched anime have now started reading the light novel from the beginning. Those who just read the novel are so involved in it that they are now watching the series from season 1 to see how the visualization of the story goes.

Season 4 of Overlord had 13 episodes. By thinking like that, every season of Overlord has had 13 episodes.

The fourth season released on October 23, 2022. The season ran till December 23, 2022. The story of this season is very captivating.

The Sorcerer’s Kingdom is one of the most powerful. There’s a city in this kingdom called E- Rantel which is the capital city. This capital city is now in a shortage of goods. The king is now worried. The city was once known for its great resources and goods. But now, King Aniz sends Albedo. This person is sent to the city.

Aniz is in trouble. His previous attacks are now daunting to him. There are many kingdoms planning to bring him down and take control of the Sorcerer’s Kingdom. Aniz’s attack on the Re- Estiz army crippled them to death. It’s now time to take revenge for whatever he is about to face now. The Baharuth Empire is all set to plot and take over the Sorcerer’s Kingdom.

Aniz having no other option has now revealed something. With a meeting out in the open, it’s out in the open that Aniz challenges the greatest emperor’s fighter to a duel. There’s nothing left but to watch how reality changes and how lives change before our eyes.

Overlord- The Light Novel

Overlord is a successful light novel series with around 16 volumes already released. The author has said that there will be at least 18 volumes of the novel soon.

So-Bin has done a great job as an illustrator. The publication of the novel is done by Enterbrain. The house has been publishing light novels ever since 2012. The story does not seem to end soon. As, or will at least have 18 volumes which mean there are two volumes yet to be released.

The last volume of the novel has 75 chapters. These were released to the public in December 2022.



Overlord Season 5 Release Date

Overlord is currently a very famous novel and anime that has been going on for years. The story started in 2012 and has been going on. It is said that it will end after Volume 18. Volume 18 of the light novel series by the author will also conclude the anime series as the content will end after it.

Season 5 will be the last of Overlord. But, the content from the novel series will not end. There is also a movie version of Overlord! Yes, you heard it right. The movie is Overlord: Holy Kingdom Arc.

The movie will use volume 12 and volume 14 for its content. The series has already created so much chatter that it’s one of the best. The makers have already created four seasons without stopping and these have been one of the nicest.

Usually, light novel fans are not easily impressed by the movie versions or the anime versions of the story. But here the makers have taken the story so well that the audience is really impressed.

Overlord is one of the most popular anime that has gained so many viewers over the years. The light novel of this anime has had over 15 volumes. With so much content available, the anime series has had 4 seasons too. With so many volumes and chapters available, the series has gained viewers and an audience who are anticipating another season sometime soon.

With another season, that will be the end of the anime of Overlord. Overlord anime has so many followers and its end will surely bring sadness to the fans.

But the anime has kept us all occupied. With its new chapters and volumes, all of us are so interested to know what happens next. There is also a movie about Overlord and the mighty tale. The viewers are waiting for more and more content to come out of the light novel and the series as the story is so good.

With its content, the quality has never declined. Ever since 2012, the novel has been getting updates and the manga has not ended. The anime is now getting to an end with its 5th season. It did have a great run and has been able to entertain its audience very well. Its ending will make many sad but there are always good bits to watch. The light novel series might end as well after its 18th volume. The anime will end through season 5. But the specialty is that the movie of Overlord will be coming soon.


The show has ratings of 7.7 stars 10 out of 10.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Overlord

1. When will season 5 of Overlord be released?

Season 5 of Overlord will maybe come to life after the release of the 18th chapter of the light novel.

2. Where does the light novel Overlord release?

The novel version of Overlord is published by the house Enterbrain.

3. Who is the writer of Overlord anime?

Yuki Sugawara is the scriptwriter of Overlord anime.

4. How many episodes did Season 4 of Overlord have?

Season 4 of Overlord had 52 episodes.

5. Is there another version of Overlord?

There is said to be a movie version of Overlord as well.

6. What will there be in season 5 of Overlord?

The fifth season will air the story of the novel from volume 15 to volume 18.


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