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Was The Cleaning Lady Cancelled? What Happened?

Was The Cleaning Lady Cancelled

Series with exciting genres are very thrilling. The Cleaning Lady is one of the series with the best crime genres. With its slowly intensifying plot, it has managed to gain the attention of the viewers. In very little time, the show has gained a lot of followers. The story has a very interesting plot. The lead is a mystery herself. She’s playing a double role which is very interesting and thrilling to watch. The show is rumored to come back with a season 3. 

The series has been an adaptation of yet another show,  La chica que limpia which is Argentinian. The show has had a lot of viewers in its original language. The only thing stopping the audience was the language barricade. With the miscommunication and hardships to understand, the makers came up with a brilliant idea. The show was re-made in English for the English audience. 

The English show is one of a kind. The characters are beautifully designed. Even though it’s a remake, the story has made the characters look like their own. 

Was The Cleaning Lady Canceled

Was The Cleaning Lady Cancelled

The cleaning lady is a re-made show that has gained the love of the audience in a very short time. The show revolves around crime and how the lead plays two characters. It was just a few months ago that the second season was released. September 2022 was when season 2 was released.  With a very recent season, the audience will surely have to wait a while for the release of the third season.

The show has certainly not been cancelled. I mean, with the response it’s getting? The show is getting bigger and bigger. There haven’t been any announcements about season 3 but with the information gathered, the show has not been canceled. Even the show has been renewed for the third season.


Cleaning Lady Recap

Was The Cleaning Lady Cancelled

The first season of the show was amazing. The season gave chills to the viewers. But season two was better than that. Thony has many obstacles ahead. Garrett must be stopped. Garrett should not know what happened to Maya. Maya was his lover and CI. Meanwhile, Nadia and Kamdar are their on their own journey. Kamdar is reaching heights in his situation. On another side, Garrett, Thony and Arman are working together. Bringing down the crime boss is their biggest motive.

Thony is ready to do everything in her power to save Luca and Fiona. No matter what it takes, she will make everything path sure for their safety.

With so many people working on the crime boss and unraveling who it is, the show gets more interesting. Season one was just all about Thony. But season two has involved much more characters with her who are aiding her in getting to know the full truth of what happened.

The show has been enthralling in its own way. With its good crime plot and Thony, the story has gained numerous viewers and admirers. Season 2 was a banger and the audience loved it. They are eagerly waiting for yet another season as the previous one ended on a cliffhanger.

The story has been renewed for the first two seasons but there’s not much yet about a season 3 release date. A show as good as the cleaning lady surely doesn’t deserve to end. The plot is so interesting. Aman, Garrett, and Thony seem like a good team to work together. The way the show makes all of us dive deep into its plot is one of its best works. The show has a great storyline and having Thony save Fiona and Luca is the best a leader can do.

With two successful seasons, the show is bound to return. Fox has to announce the status of The Cleaning Lady. The show can be binge-watched on many platforms. Stay tuned for more updates.


The show got ratings of 7.0 out of 10 on IMDb.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Lady

1. Which language was the cleaning lady made in?

Cleaning Lady was an Argentinian show.

2. When was Season 2 of Cleaning Lady released?

Season 2 was released on 19 September 2022

3. When was Season 2 of Cleaning Lady released?

Season 2 was released on 19 September 2022

4. What was the name of the Argentinian show?

La Chica Que Limpia

5. Is the Cleaning Lady a real story?

The Cleaning Lady is an adaptation of a show by Warner Bros.

6. Who is Thony trying to save in The Cleaning Lady?

Thony is all set to save Fiona and Luca

7. Will there be another season of The Cleaning Lady?

The Cleaning Lady has not been canceled but there is no news about the release date of season 3 yet. The show has been renewed for the third season.



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