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Lee Moo Saeng wife career AND relationship status

Lee Moo Saeng Wife
Lee Moo Saeng Wife

Lee Moo Saeng is a South Korean actor whose birth took place on May 10, 1980. Lee Moo Saeng went to Sejong University to study and earned his debut significant film arrival in the movie known by the name See You After School, in 2005. He has been continued to be seen in glimpses of hit movies, as well as drama shows named such as One Spring Night, in 2019 and Melting Me Softly, also in 2019. 

Lee Moo-Saeng Wife

The name of the Korean actor is spelled in Korea: 이무생. The other name by which he is called is, Lee Mu-saeng. The birthday of the actor comes on the 10th of May. He is 1980 born. He belongs to South Korea. The ethnicity of the 41-year-old actor is South Korean. Lee Moo Saeng speaks English and Korean fluently. He has a spouse he married in the year 2011 and is still married, the name of the wife is however unknown. The Korean actor has two children. Lee Moo Saeng has studied at Sejong University. And as obvious it is that he is an actor by profession.

Lee Moo Saeng Career

Lee Moo Saeng Wife
Lee Moo Saeng

 Lee Moo Saeng gave his debut significant movie arrival in the film “See You After School” in 2005. This was his kick-start.

He is an associate of the Alien Company agency. He was formerly with the company called Story J Company, 스토리 제이 컴퍼니, translated in Korea. 

Lee Moo Saeng recreated a nationwide cleverness service agent on January 27, 2016, in the film called SORI: Voice from the Heart.

In the year 2017, he was seen on the Prison Playbook where he played the role of Kang Min-Koo, the attorney for convicts named Yoo Jeong-woo, portrayed by Jung Hae-in in the film.

In the year 2018 he acted on the show known by the name, The Miracle We Met, in which he played the part of the deputy head of the department of “Shinhwa Bank”, named Kim Chung-man.

In January 2019, he entered the regular team of the show called The Crowned Clown, in which he played the part of Prince Jin-Kyung, a captain and the brother of the Dowager Queen Inmok played by Jang Young-Nam in the show.

In the month of May of the exact year, he entered the regular team of the show called One Spring Night where he recreated the role of the character named Nam Si-hoon, a dentist and the spouse of the host named Lee Seo-in performed by Im Sung-eon.


In July of the very year, he became part of the routine cast of the show named Designated Survivor: 60 Days, in which he recreated the portrayal of Kim Nam-wook, the official of the presidential headquarters who subsequently evolves to become the acting media secretary.

In the very year of 2019, Lee Moo Saeng displayed the portrayal of the character called Jo Ki-beom, assistant of the character Hwang Kap-soo, played by Seo Hyun-Chul on the show named Melting Me Softly.

On March 27, 2020, he entered the part of the show named The World of the Married, in which he created the portrayal of Dr. Kim Yoon-gi, a neuropsychiatric expert and mate of Ji Sun-woo performed by Kim Hee-ae, till the ending of the sequel on May 16, 2020. 

In the year 2021, he became a part of the regular team of the series called The Silent Sea which is also known as “The Sea of ​​Silence,” in which he performed as the character of Gong Soo-hyuk. 

In the August of the year 2021, it was proved that he had entered the crew of the show called Thirty-Nine, in which he will be seen performing as Kim Ji-Seok, the soft and affectionate CEO of “Camp Entertainment”. In 2022, The show will be released.

Lee Moo Saeng Biography 

Lee Moo Saeng
Lee Moo Saeng

The first time when Lee Moo was ever seen on a screen or his debut performance was when he was also studying in a university called Sejong University. Since the year 2011, he has been wedded to a lady who is not an element of the entertainment industry, and also there is no information about who she is, her name, or anything so far. The partners have two children including a son born in the year 2013 and a daughter born in the year 2015.


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