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What Happened To Tony Beets Daughter Bianca?

What Happened To Tony Beets's Daughter Bianca?

Tony Beets and Bianca Beets are well-known figures among the fans of Gold Rush. Fans love Tony Beets for his charismatic personality and his amazing mining skills. He is also known as the king of mining. Tony owns a number of gold mines, including Scrivener Creek Claim and Paradise Hill. Scrivener Creek was claimed by Tony Beets after it was leashed by Parker Schnabel. The mining business of the Beets family has expanded considerably since then. Bianca, Tony’s daughter, has also appeared on the show many times, and now fans are wondering what she is up to. This is because Bianca has not been seen in a few recent Gold Rush seasons. So let’s take a look at the details of Bianca Beets and about know a little bit more about her whereabouts in this article.

What Happened To Tony Beets Daughter Bianca?

What Happened To Tony Beets's Daughter Bianca?
Tony Beets

If you watch Gold Rush, then Tony Beets and Bianca Beets are very well-known figures to you. The two have been featured in a very interesting reality television series. Tony Beets is a legendary gold miner and one of the most prominent figures on the show. Many times, his family has also been featured on the show. This includes Bianca Beets. However, in season thirteen of Gold Rush, it was seen that Tony had to take some very serious decisions for his children.

But the season did not feature any of his children, including Bianca. So many fans are asking what has happened to Bianca? Where could she be? Well, Bianca Beets is a very private person and like to keep herself away from social media. She does not use much social media and keeps her whereabouts off the internet. It is really hard to tell where she is now and what she is doing.

It can be assumed that, like the rest of her family, Bianca is also included in the family business. Tony Beets owns the Tamarack Gold Mines. And Bianca has been working on the business after completing high school. Currently, she is the Supervisor of Paradise Hill. It has been heard from some sources that Bianca also owns a small business of her own. It is most likely that Bianca Beets is residing in Canada and is still running the family mining business along with her family.


Who Is Tony Beets?

Moving from the Netherlands to Canada twenty-five years ago, Tony Beets is a miner and a television star. He became famous after being featured on the Discovery channel’s Gold Rush. Tony works on Paradise Hill and runs a family business mining. Tony Beets mostly operates out of the Klondike area and thus is often referred to as King of the area by his fans. Beets, along with his family, have appeared on the show for many seasons.

Who Is Bianca Beets?

Let’s have a look at Tony Beets’ family, and you can understand who Bianca is. Tony and Minnie Beets have four children- Kevin, Mile, Bianca, and Monica. Bianca is their second child. Born in 1991, Bianca is currently thirty-one years old. She took an interest in the family business of mining from a very young age.

After finishing high school, Bianca accompanied her father to his business meets to understand the family business. Soon, she became very interested and took charge of the business. Now she is the Supervisor of Paradise Hill. Bianca has also appeared on several episodes of Gold Rush featuring her father. She is indeed a very impressive businesswoman and runs the family business with efficiency. Bianca has also gained a considerable amount from her appearances in the television series Gold Rush. Her net worth is proof of this. Bianca Beets has a net worth of around $1 million.

Bianca Beets Personal Life

What Happened To Tony Beets's Daughter Bianca?
Bianca Beets

Even though Bianca has appeared in many episodes of Gold Rush, she does not welcome the celebrity life as her father did. She has been very private about her personal life and likes to maintain her privacy. So there is not much information available about her early life, education, and relationships. Even if Bianca is dating someone, it would not be known to us. We do know that she is not married. However, no other details about her past relationships or boyfriends are known. Her sister Monica on the other hand is married, and they live close by. Bianca most probably still lives in their childhood home while assisting her father run the huge family business of mining.


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