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Battery- The Animation Season 2 Release Date Is Not Announced!

Battery- The Animation Season 2 Release Date
Battery- The Animation Season 2 Release Date

Battery is a Japanese novel series by Atsuko Asano, published by Kadokawa Shoten. The series is about two boys, Takumi Harada and Tsuyoshi Nagakura, who start a baseball team. The author received the 1997 Noma Literary Prize for Young Adult Literature and the 2005 Shogakukan Children’s Publishing Culture Award. It sold over 10 million copies in Japan and was adopted as a movie in 2007 and as an anime TV series in 2016.

The adaptation of the anime TV series was aired on Fuji TV’s noitamin A block on July 14, 2016, and ended on September 22, 2016. The series is directed and written by Tomomi Mochizuki, and the animation is Studio Zero-G. Hideoki Kusama is in charge of character design and animation director, and Akira Senju is in charge of the music.

Battery- The Animation Season 2 Release Date

Battery- The Animation Season 2 Release Date
Battery- The Animation

At the end of the year, season 2 of Battery-The Animation may release. Takumi Harada is only 12 years old and is already highly regarded as a great baseball pitcher. But when his family moves to a remote town in Nitta, Takumi has no choice but to join the immature baseball team at his new school. This development has little impact on young people, as he thinks it would be more interesting if his presence then turned this unnamed club into a great power.

However, due to his overwhelming talent, Takumi needs a catcher who can catch up with the pitch. After meeting Tsuyoshi Nagakura, his worries were soon resolved. His fan and fellow student, Gou, is keen to prove that he is not just a boast, but a player with enough skills to understand the hints of a master. His irreverent personality confronts him with his new teammates, as Takumi struggles to form a “battery” with Go, but he enjoys the true joy of sports under the guidance of his grandfather.

Name of the ShowBattery- The Animation
Season NumberSeason 2
Battery- The Animation Season 1 Release Date14 July 2016
Battery- The Animation Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Battery- The Animation Season 2 Overview

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Battery- The Animation Season 2 Trailer

Seiha wants to play baseball but says he can’t be a master, while Seiha and Go are enjoying playing the game of catch. Takumi gets angry and throws the ball into the forest behind the shrine, and Seiha does not return home that night. Takumi Harada moves to a mountain town in Okayama prefecture for the spring holidays before starting junior high school due to his father’s transfer. Takumi was a pitcher and lost confidence in his talent after his classmate Hiroshi Nagakura suddenly appeared in front of him. Ko has a strong desire to make a “battery” (a combination of pitcher and catcher) with Takumi.

Battery-The Animation Season 1 Recap

This story follows a young baseball pitcher named Takumi Harada who recently moved with his grandfather, a former coach of Nitta High School. After that, Harada meets a prisoner of war named Tsuyoshi Nakagura. They start playing the ball together and Harada finds Gou able to catch up with his pitch. Motivated Harada joins the Nitta High School baseball team. The two boys later begin their journey with the baseball team.

Battery- The Animation Season 2 Story

There was a small subtitle bug on the battery, hopefully, it’s not a sign of a future problem with the Amazon-NoitaminA partnership, delaying the release of the penultimate episode by a few days. The problem was the translation of this series. And that’s pretty disappointing, given how high people’s expectations were for this season.

When it comes to anime, post-mortem analysis is always tricky, as none of us were there when decisions were made, such as at production meetings. The unequal partnership between Tomomi Mochizuki’s minimalist staging style and Atsuko Asano’s more historic writing may have been destined to cause problems. Perhaps the novel was too long to fit into the 11-episode series. What Mochizuki was not filled in may be missing in the original material itself. But for whatever reason, the battery wasn’t everything in the end — and it seemed like it was going to be half the point.

Battery-The Animation Season 2 Characters

Battery- The Animation Season 2 Release Date
Battery- The Animation

The main role in this series is played by Takumi Harada and it is voiced by Koki Uchiyama. The voice of Go Nagakura is done by Tasuku Hatanaka, Seiha Harada’s voice is by Yui Fujimaki. Later, the voice of Kazuki Kaionji is done by Yuichiro Umehara.

Where To Watch Battery-The Animation Season 2 Online?

This series can be streamed and enjoyed only on Amazon Prime Video

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