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Dancing With Myself Season 2 Release Date: When Is It Going To Air Again?

Dancing With Myself Season 2 Release Date
Dancing With Myself Season 2 Release Date

A group of dancers competes weekly in a series of high-energy dance challenges designed and performed by renowned creators of the show, including Shakira. Hoping to be the latest face in a dance competition show, Dancing with Myself comes to TV with a subtle idea. This series follows everyday people trying to recreate dance moves in each challenge designed by celebrity judges and guests. Here’s what we know about Dancing With Myself Season 2 Release Date.

The idea of the show is to emulate the fact that every week people try to learn the new dance boom that is prevalent on social media. “NBC’s new prime-time series, Dancing with Myself, is inspired by millions of viewers checking out the latest dance boom on social media. Dancing with Myself is the show’s renowned creator, Shakira. In a series of energetic dance challenges played by Nick Jonas, Liza Koshy, and host Camille Kostek, you’ll see a group of people competing weekly every day.

Dancing With Myself Season 2 Release Date

Dancing With Myself Season 2 Release Date
Dancing With Myself

At this time, there is no official confirmation of Season 2. The new NBC series Dancing With Myself is a reality show about dance. The show tells the story of the show’s judges presenting exciting new challenges to the athletes, all dancers performing all the dance challenges offered by the judges, and competing to win the Dancing With Myself series prize money.

The series has 12 participants, won a $ 25,000 prize pool, and has 6 rounds in the show. Audiences in the series will vote live and the winner will win the title of Ultimate Pod Star, one step closer to the final. Dancing with Myself Season 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet. Therefore, there is no need to accept the spoiler at this point. Everyone judges the program by their own evaluation. Ratings usually best indicate the likelihood that the show will continue to air.

The higher the rating, the higher the chance of survival. The show has an IMDb rating of 3.0 / 10 and an average rating of 50% on Rotten tomatoes. Shakira, Liza, Nick, and Camille are specially for the show. Perform a new dance challenge designed. In this challenge, participants must complete the talent of the guest star to submit their challenge. Routines, add their unique talent and live studio. Do their hearts to the audience.

Name of the ShowDancing With Myself
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreReality Show
Dancing With Myself Season 1 Release Date31 May 2022
Dancing With Myself Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Dancing With Myself Season 2 Overview


Dancing With Myself Season 2 Story

The new season of Dancing with Myself is getting a lot of attention and people are enjoying this new season. So far, all episodes of Dancing with Myself have been very entertaining, and fans are curious about Season 2. After watching the preview of the episode, the viewer is too excited to know what will happen in the next season based on the preview.

Season 2 is very interesting and we can predict that there will be many exciting plot twists. Dancing with Myself Season 1 is a trend, and viewers who saw Season 1 responded positively. Many viewers have left a review of this new season and enjoyed all the episodes of Season 1 of Dancing with Myself. Due to the popularity of Season 1, the series will be renewed in the next season.

Dancing With Myself Season 2 Cast

Dancing With Myself Season 2 Release Date
Dancing With Myself

The reality of judges of Dancing With Myself is Colombian singer Liza Koshy and American actress Shakira. Camille Kostek, a well-known American model and fourth judge of Dancing With Myself, is the popular American singer-songwriter Nick Jonas and the host of the series is Camille Kostek. And apart from these four judges, twelve participants will participate in the reality show Dancing With Myself. Every week, a new cast of fun dancers of all ages from all disciplines compete in a series of high-energy dance challenges designed and performed by the show’s renowned creators.

Dancing With Myself Season 2 Trailer

The inspiration for this song came in mid-1979 when the British post-punk band Generation X toured Japan. At that time, singer/frontman Billy Idol and bassist Tony James were amazed at the young audience dancing in their reflection at a nightclub in Tokyo. Brick mirrors, not each other. The song was first produced and recorded by Generation X during a demo session at the Olympic Studios in western London in mid-1979 (this demo recording was made by long player K.M.D.-Sweet Revenge (1998). It was first commercially released retroactively.

Where to Watch Dancing With Myself Season 2 Online?

Viewers can watch this reality series Dancing With Myself on Hulu and people can also get a free trial on it.


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