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What Is On My Block Star, Julio Macias Net Worth?

Julio Macias Net Worth
Julio Macias Net Worth

You probably are visiting here because you have watched Netflix’s On My Block and now you are a fan of Julio Macias. Well, Many of us don’t know much about the rising actor, but definitely, he’s a star and therefore we decided to dig more into his profile and gather as much information as I can about the Mexican American Actor.

To give a short brief about the actor, Julio Macias is a Mexican American actor, born on 20th March 1990. With the Zodiac sign Pisces, he follows Christianity. Well, as we show him in On My Block, he was kind of secretive towards everything and was introverted, Well, in real life too, the actor is very very secretive about his personal life. So, that’s why we have done a lot of digging for you guys.

When Julio was little, his family moved to the United States of America. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles, California. He once mentioned in an interview that he faced many challenges as a kid when he moved to the USA, as his culture was changed. He is very well educated and now is a famous American- Mexican Actor. Here is everything we know about the actor.

Julio Macias Professional Life And Career

Julio Macias Net Worth

Julio Macias started his career in 2013. Yes, it’s been about 8 years since he has been in the acting industry. The first movie he did was a short movie named ‘Visit’. After he did this, he got many other offers and the next lineup for him was ‘Obsidian’ which was a horror movie. The next movie he did was ‘Blazed To The Future 2’. After that, the actor did some television series.

The one from where he got very famous was the first season of ‘Game Shakers’ episode 18. He played the role of Canz. After that, he was seen in ‘SinVerguenzas’ where he has played the role of Billetin. Then he played the role of Luis in ‘Por Safia’. Everyone knows he was also in Jane The Virgin. He played the role of ‘Spooky’ in the 4th season and 13th episode of the show. He also did an episode in SWAT.

Well, everyone knows Julio Macias’s breakthrough was when he was in the recurring cast of Netflix’s original, ‘On My Block’ in 2019. On My Block is A Netflix hit show created by Jeremy Haft, Lauren Lungerich, and Eddie Gonzalez. Julio Macias had played the role of the gang leader of Santos named ‘Oscar’ aka Spooky.

What seems ahead of its career? Well, Julio Macias is all set to play the role of Pete Astudillo, who is a singer and songwriter who also was a backup dancer for Selena’s band Los Dinos. He is also a singer for the band. He is anticipated to work on the most anticipated project of the decade which is Selena: The Series. Currently, you can watch Julio Macias playing the role of Oscar in On My Block and is streaming on Netflix. And for the future, you can see him coming for Selena: The Series.

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Julio Macias Net Worth

Julio Macias Net Worth

If we talk about Julio Macias Net Worth, it’s about 3-4 million dollars USD. Well, what is his earning source will this be the next question that pops in your mind? The actor’s primary earning source is his acting career itself. In addition to this, he has been seen advertising several brands and he also earns from his sponsorships. He has also been seen collaborating with various companies on social media platforms. In addition to this, he also has his merchandise where he sells stuff. From that only, he earns about 50k to 60k Dollars USD.

Well, there is no doubt that Julio Macias is a very talented actor and his career has just started. We may see him in many new places too in the future. So, his net worth will increase in near future.

Julio Macias Relationship And Girlfriend

Julio Macias girlfriend

Julio is very serious and personal about his life. You might never hear any controversies he was also a part of. In addition to this, Macias never reveals anything personal on social media. But how can he hide everything from his fans, right?

Julio Macias is dating Shannon Shodder. Shannon Shodder is a professional make-up artist. They have both are dating each other since 2015. Julio Macias has been seen with Shannon Shodder on some of the red carpet occasions. You might be wondering how these two became a beautiful couple? Well, as we already mentioned, it’s still a secret from all of us on how they met and how their love story started.

Those who follow the actor on Instagram might have seen that he usually shares pictures with her girlfriend on his story. If we talk about where we saw them recently? Well, Julio Macias has been seen promoting the new season of On My Block. We saw the couple at the premiere of the new season of the show too.

Julio Macias Movies And Shows

  • Game Shakers Season 1 Episode 18 (2016)
  • Luis in Por Sofia (2018)
  • SWAT, Hector Season 2 Episode 15 in 2019
  • On My Block, Playing the role of Oscar aka Spooky (2018- Present)
  • Played the role of a male student in Jane The Virgin Season 4 Episode 13 in 2018.
  • Role of Billetin in SinVerguenzas

Julio Macias Social Media

Fans are always eager to know what their celebrity is doing? And how they can find out? Well, Social Media is the only key to this lock. If we are a fan, we need to know their social media account. Well, Julio Macias is very active on his Instagram account. He has 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

He is also on Twitter and has about 90.7k followers. But he does not have a Facebook page or Snapchat. Usually, you will not see him posting daily, but he is more active on Instagram. Earlier, we saw him being very active on social media, but due to work and his busy schedule, he doesn’t post much on social media.

You can reach his Instagram account and Twitter account directly from here.

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