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Do You Know What Is Megan Hilty Net Worth?

Megan Hilty Net Worth
Megan Hilty Net Worth

Hi and welcome back to our page Celebrity Relations. With the hope of finding answers as you have logged in. Don’t worry, we promise to provide you with answers to any and every question that you have. 

We checked and discovered that she had been a serious topic of interest among netizens. 

Then without further ado I will present to you the answer.

From her net worth to her biography, career, personal life, dating life etc; everything you will find below! 

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Megan Hilty Net Worth

Hilty is not only a successful but crazy famous star. The American actress and singer is very successful in her career. But it was Broadway musicals, solely responsible for her huge success. 

Earning fame since 2005, the actress’s net worth is huge and no doubt about that. And as for her awards she received quite many of them. We will talk about it after we have discussed her roles and career path.

But before that let me tell you guys that her current net worth is USD 2 million. That’s quite a lot of money if you ask me. And moreover, she owns a huge property and does not forget her huge collection of luxurious cars.

Her husband too is quite a successful musician thus adding to the net worth of Megan. She has indeed received an opulent lifestyle, and inherited a huge sum from her husband. Thus, adding to her already huge assets list. 

Now that we know that her net worth is in the millions, let’s look at her life. 

Megan Hilty Early Life

Megan Hilty Net Worth
Megan Hilty

The 41 years old actress was born on 29 March 1981, in America. It was the show Wicked that built her career path, and later the television show called Smash. These two were a hit show at that point in time and also what built Megan’s fame. 

From very early childhood she had shown her interest in acting and took vocal lessons from the age of 12. It was in 2017, when she made her debut in the film industry. She also had an interest in performing in the opera.

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Her earlier education began in Sammamish High School and later she transferred to Washington Academy of Performing Arts Conservatory High School. She is also the winner of the National Society of Arts and Letters Award for Excellence in her theatrical works; among other awards she received. 

Megan Hilty Career

Megan Kathleen Hilty has starred in several films and TV shows. And she has made quite an appearance in some of her shows for her excellent acting and thus depicting the character’s personality in the film or show. 

Detective Pikachu, Bitter Feast, Rules Don’t Apply, The Pirate Fairy, Phineas and Ferb, What Happens Next, Robot Chicken, Sofia the First, Eli Stone; are amongst a few of her films and series where she starred. There are many films and TV series where she played her role as a voice actress as well.

She went for quite a few nominations and won many awards as I said a few minutes back. She received quite a few Broadway awards for her roles for her spectacular work on screen. The actress is indeed very famous for her acting and not to forget that she is a sight for sore eyes. 

Megan is also known for her solo songs which she releases and is often a hit. Smash, Safe and Sound, No Cure, Who Is She, Even Then, I don’t Know him, Be a Man; are some of his songs. You should definitely hear her songs available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. I am sure you will love them all. 

Also do watch her films online, you will find them on their respective platforms. You will have a lovely time as you binge-watch her films and web series. 

Recently she lost her pregnant sister and her brother-in-law who suddenly met their demise in a plane crash that took place in Washington. 

Megan Hilty Personal Life

Megan Hilty Net Worth
Megan Hilty

Who Megan is dating has been a question amongst her fans for a long time. From 2005 till 2012 Megan was in a relationship with the actor Steve Kazee but as you can see the dates. So, with the obvious conclusion they broke up a long time back. 

In 2013, the actress exchanged her vows with the actor Brian Gallagher in Las Vegas. And in 2014 the couple was blessed with their first child. And again in 2017 the duo was blessed with the birth of their second child. Now they are a family of four with a son and a daughter. 

If you check her Instagram, you will often find her posting pictures of her and her husband with their children. Scroll through her account to check out the posts she shares. 

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