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Do You Know Who Is Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend?

Who Is Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend?
Who Is Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend?

Tiger Woods is a famous golf player whose every move and every hit is followed by his fans. Recently his dating life has become a topic of discussion among the netzines. 

Gluing their eagle eyes to Wood’s life you too might be wondering about who he is dating now. And if the most wanted bachelor is single or he is already taken?

Well, follow up guys for we are there for you with news and facts. 

The People’s Magazines cover face star is really famous amongst women it seems. Curious to know why. We have shared his dating history below so that you can have a quick glance at the list of women he dated before he finally started dating his now official girlfriend. 

Who Is Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend?

Many have been wondering who Woods is dating all this time. Finally, Woods officially announced that he is dating Erica Herman at the President’s Cup in 2017. 

This time he didn’t show up alone he arrived with Erica Herman close by his side, shocking the Golf fans in an instant. 

They appeared together as a couple during the course tournament events along with the team’s other wives and girlfriends. 

But was it only that time the couple was seen together? Absolutely not, after their public appearance in the match, they have been seen together quite many times. 

The 2021 major accident left the golfer in limbo. Although he was hugely disheartened for not being able to make it to the matches after that.  But he confessed that even in these sad hours he is leading a quite happy and contented life with his long-time girlfriend Erica and their two children. 

They announced their relationship and confessed that they are dating each other as they shared their picture together on Instagram ID. 

They are not engaged as of yet, but Herman moved into his mansion not long after.  So, the duo is in a steady relationship. 

They live together now, as a happy family with the kids.

Who is Erica Herman?

Who Is Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend?
Who is Erica Herman?

Growing up in Palm Beach County, she went to Santaluces High School and was also a part of the cheerleading team. 

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. 

But she didn’t practice law but used to work as a bartender. Then became the manager at the Blue Martini Lounge. 

Later she became the GM of Tiger’s Flagship Restaurant, owned by Woods. And started working there. 

Now you know, how the two got acquainted right? And from here on started chemistry until the two made a public appearance in 2017. 

Wood confessed that it was Erica throughout who supported him in his leagues, tournaments, and championships.

The couple shares their picture together which you can definitely look at but Wood, to date has not shared any tagged posts.

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Tiger Woods’s Previous Relationships 

Tiger Woods‘s ex-wife is Elin Maria Pernilla Nordengren. She is a professional model who also worked as a nanny. 

In 2003, the couple became officially engaged and the year next in October the couple tied their bond. 

Together the couple had 2 children. As she was involved in an extramarital affair with Chris Cline and had a son together. 

Later in 2010, the couple separated. 

After they separated Wood was seen with Lindsey Vonn and Rachel Uchitel, but soon he broke up with them. His relationship with his exes didn’t last quite long. 

He was even involved in an affair with Jamie Jungers, which Jamie confessed to later. And also, with Cori Rist whom he met at a nightclub. Although their relationship lasted only for six months. 

His last relationship was with Kristin Smith before he met Erica. 

Now Erica lives with Woods and his three children in his huge mansion.

Tiger Woods’s Net Worth

Who Is Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend?
Tiger Woods

Now if you are wondering what is the net worth of the successful golfer. Then I will just tell you that his Net Worth is $3 million.

He owns a huge mansion plus many other estates and cars. 

Now after several relationships and finally, calling quits with his exes, he is having a happily ever after with Erica. 

This is all about Wood and his dating life. You can scroll down the pictures of him on Instagram to have a look at the pictures he shares. Before the massive accident, he was a golf player, if you are a golf fan, I am hoping you must have seen his matches.

Anyways this is all that you must have been searching for.


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