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Young Famous and African Season 2 Release Date & Spoilers!

Young Famous and African Season 2 Release Date
Young Famous and African Season 2 Release Date
Young Famous and African Season 1 Trailer

Are you a Netflix user? If you are you then I hope you must be enjoying streaming the shows and movies and the upcoming ones as well. The original shows are a must-watch for all. They definitely go with the tagline, “Netflix and Chill”!

Today we will be talking about the American show Young, Famous & African this is a Netflix Original show. And not to forget this web series is the first ever African reality TV Series. 

That makes it quite a show isn’t it? 

Created by Peace Hyde and Martin Asare Amankwa, the South African show has 7 plus episodes in Season 1. Produced in Johannesburg, on 18th March 2022 the series scored a rating of 4.5 from IMDb and about 95% audience vote. 

People who are into reality shows will definitely enjoy watching them. So, if you have already watched the series, you guys already have an idea and who knows you might run it again and again. 

And those of you who have not yet streamed the show on Netflix, then I would request you to go and watch the reality show now.

Now moving on, I would like to jump into discussing with you the updates of the new season.

And if you are wondering whether Young Famous and African will return for Season 2 then keep reading.

The article below will follow the updates on the release date of the new season, stories and more.

Keep reading! 

WARNING: Spoilers Alert!

Young Famous and African Season 2 Release Date

While the show ended its premiere in 2022, many of you might be wondering if the season will have a comeback. 

Well, worry not for here I am back with some definite good news. It’s made final that the Netflix original show will return with a new season. Season 2 will premier in the first half of 2023. 

The unscripted reality show will return and will be on Netflix in 2023, Netflix has made the announcement.

But the exact date and time remain unknown. But that is the least of our worries. Since the news has been made official, the release date will be announced in no time. Stay with us. We will share the updates as soon as our sources return with the news. 

Name of the ShowYoung Famous and African
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreReality Show
Young Famous and African Season 1 Release Date18 March 2022
Young Famous and African Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Young Famous and African Season 2 Overview

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Young Famous and African Season 2 Story

Young Famous and African Season 2 Release Date
Young Famous and African

The show will pick from where the last season ended on a cliffhanger. The new season will explore the relationships, lives and careers of all the 11 cast members who will return in the new season. So, there are more stories and interesting glimpses you will get a glance of in the upcoming new hottest season of the year. 

Cheers to that!

The love triangle would be spoiled as Zari has moved on and has chosen someone else. GK would be a new cast member.

Hence, you will be witnessing the fall out of the two men from Zari’s life in the next upcoming season. 

So, with Zari already being in a new and different relationship from the tabs we got from her Instagram handle. It only leaves out Nadia and Diamond. You might get to see more romantic canoodling between these two.

Are you ready to witness some cheesy romance? 

Well, this is a huge spoiler which I shared with you. I won’t be adding any more details and spoil your excitement. Rather I would disclose the cast members as you wait for the new season to premiere next year. 

Young Famous and African Season 2 Cast

Young Famous and African Season 2 Release Date
Young Famous and African

You will get to see more of Andile and Zari that is for sure. And as for the rest, don’t worry the 11-cast members will return back in season 2 with new stories and sub pots.

 You will see the team once again. Annie, Diamond, Swanky Jerry, Platinum, Zari Hassan, Nadia Nakai, Khanyi Mbau, 2 Baba, Naked DJ, Kayleigh Schwark and lastly Andile Ncube.

I am sure you are quite eager to meet them again in the next season. Hold onto your breath, you will meet them again soon. 

The cast members will make you excited and the drama too will end up being a fun watch for you guys! 

Young Famous and African Season 1 Recap

The show mainly focuses on the lives of a group of four who enjoy their life as they involve themselves in some sexual innuendos, flings, partying, and fighting in South Africa. 

The characters come from five different African countries and they meet each other in one place. The story will follow the lives of the couples who are into relationships and also the return of some of their ex’s. 

Also focussing on the life of a DJ, a Rapper and a divorced couple. 

One thing that all the fans of the show will agree on, is that the season’s hottest character is Zari and I think many of you might be waiting for her to return with her force as she burns them all down in the new season.

Well season 1 was definitely full of fun, humour, African live, love, music and a lot more.

I will suggest you guys give the show. I will not reveal more than this but would rather ask you, folks, to sit with popcorn, a glass of coke and stream the show on your devices. 

Young Famous and African Season 2 Trailer

There is a short clip of season 2 shared by Hyde on her Instagram handle. Which will give you a quick peak at the new season. There are some reels too shared by Netflix or Netflix Africa on Instagram. If you are connected to the following social media then you will get to see the clips. 

But the trailer for season 2 has not been released. Follow the page as it will be updated by us very soon.

As for season 1, you will find some teaser and trailer added on YouTube and I too have shared a video for you guys. Scroll up and you will find the link to the trailer for season 1 attached above. 

Where To Watch Young Famous and African Season 2 Online?

This being a Netflix original series you will find the new season available there by next year.

You can start streaming season 1 if you have not watched the show yet. Stay tuned for the following updates and more.

As you binge-watch this amazing show online. 

With that, I will say adios folks. Keep watching more of, Young Famous and African.

Happy Watch!

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