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Amina said’s boyfriend, awards AND RELATIONSHIP STATUS

Amina Said's Boyfriend
Amina Said's Boyfriend

Amina Said’s Boyfriend: Amina Said also written as Amina Saïd is an author and a poet who belongs to Tunisia. The father of the writer is a Tunisian and the mum of the writer is French. Said has been residing in Paris since 1978, where she learned literature at the Sorbonne. She has written and issued a few books of poetry, folk stories of Tunisia, short narratives, and articles. A lot of her written pieces have been rephrased into other vocabularies, especially Arabic, German, Turkish, English, and Italian. Said has herself rephrased works by the Filipino writer Francisco Sionil José from English into French.

She is a part of the jury of poetry for the Prix Max-Pol-Fouchet. The Australian songwriter Richard Mills utilized her poem or verse for his job Songlines of the Heart’s Desire in 2007.

Amina Said’s Awards

Amina Said was a recipient of the Jean Malrieu Prize in the year 1989 for Feu d’oiseaux. She has also been a winner of the Charles Vildrac Prize, in the year 1994.

Amina Said’s Selected works

Amina Said's Boyfriend
Amina Said

1.) Amina said published Paysages, nuit friable, in 1980, with the publishing company, Éditions Barbare.

2.) ‘Métamorphose de l’île et de la vague, was written by Amina Said in 1985, with the publishing company, Arcantère, Paris.

3.) Amina Said then in 1988 wrote Sables funambules, with the help of publishing company Arcantère/Écrits des forges. The book has an International Standard Book Number, which is, ISBN 2-89046-122-X.

4.) In 1989, Amina Said had wriiten and published the book, Feu d’oiseaux, with the collabration of Les Cahiers du Sud, Marseille.

5.) Amina wrote in 1922, Nul Autre lieu, with the publishing company, Écrits des Forges Quebec. The International Standard Book Number of Nul Autre lieu is ISBN 2-89046-262-5.

6.) In 1993 Amina published the book she had written, L’une et l’autre nuit, collaborating with the publishing company, Editions le Dé bleu, France.

7.) Marcher Sur la Terre, is the book Amina Said had written, which was published in 1994. Amina worked with Éditions de la Différence [fr], Paris, the publishing company.

8.) In 1998, Amina Said’s book, Gisements de lumière, was published with the help of Éditions de la Différence, Paris, the publishing company.


Amina Said’s Personal Information

Amina Said's Boyfriend
Amina Said, Tunisian writer

The poet, essay writer, short narrative writer, and translator Amina Said was born in Tunis. Her birth took place in a Tunisian family, to a Tunisian father and a French mother. Out of the whole collection of poems Said has wriiten, some of them are: Paysages, Nuit Friable in 1980, 1985’s Métamorphose de l’île et de la Vague, and Marcher sur la Terre of 1994. She has also publicized recreations of Tunisian folktales. Amina Said has also re-written Filipino writer Francisco Sionil José’sbook from the English language to her native language, French. The poetry of herself, Amina Said, has been translated into different languages. “Present Tense of the World: Poems 2000–2009,” in 2011, was translated by Marilyn Hacker shows a sample of her profession.

Amina Said’s achievements comprise the Jean Malrieu Prize. Amina Said has also remained the winner of the Charles Vildrac Prize. Australian songwriter Richard Mills included her poem in his work of “Songlines of the Heart’s Desire,” in 2007. She has resided in Paris since the year 1978.

Amina Said Ali’s Family and Career

Amina Said Ali, mostly recognized by her household name Amina Said Ali, is a very famous Somali Author and essay writer. Amina was born in Somalia. Amina Said Ali commenced her career as an Author, later she also started to translate work from English to French.

She is one of the most prominent authors and writers in the age group of the old generation. 

Amina Said’s Boyfriend

Amina Said is a Tunisian writer and no information regarding her married life or about her spouse or boyfriend has ever been provided by her. Neither anything about her parents nor about her children is given by her. No source has ever been able to find out about her personal life. Amina is a very private person and likes to keep her personal and professional life apart.


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