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Who Is Dolph Ziggler wife? Is The Legendary Wrestler Married

Dolph Ziggler Wife
Dolph Ziggler Wife

Nicholas Theodore Nemeth is a legendary wrestler in WWE with the stage name Dolph Ziggler. The rare combination of a professional wrestler and a stand-up comedian. Yes, you heard right! This brutal WWE player is also having humor-filled in his veins. He is working under the contract of WWE since 2004. After signing the contract he was sent to Ohio for playing smackdown because he was very good at it. He went to Ohio and win many awards and then after 2 years, he returned back. Dolph Ziggler has won around 15 championships. He was the lone survivor from The Survivors Series Elimination match. He also was the winner of the tournament played by him in 2012, Money In Bank. But have you ever thought, that who is Dolph Ziggler Wife? If yes then here is the answer.

Dolph Ziggler Early Life

 Nemeth was born on 27 July, Cleveland, OH. He was born in the year 1980. He completed his high school at St. Edward high school.

Nemeth was very interested in wrestling since 5. Even though he was a very small child but he liked doing wrestling, he enjoyed it. When he was 12 he went to a wrestling event. After attending the event he decided to choose wrestling as a career.

In high school, he received the mature wrestler score record. He has the record of 82 pins which is also the record of most pins in a career.

Dolph almost won about 121 matches between 2000 and 2003.

He completed his major in political science from the kent state university. American was in his first semester he had already won the All-Mid American Conference championship. His consecutive wins were in the years 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Dolph Ziggler Professional Life

Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler

He signed the contract with world wrestling entertainment (WWE) in 2004. He made his television debut in 2005 on September 19th, it was on the episode of Sunday night heat. On 23rd January 2006, he debuted as a group The spirit squad. The group played in the tag team division on April 3rd. They won the world tag team championship. After that, the group won many of our awards, and then on November 27 on the episode of raw they disbanded.

 In 2007 he came back to OVW and played different category matches .1008 he made the Butte an episode of smackdown on April 17. He failed to win the championship.

 In 2012 he participated in the world heavyweight championship on November 18 and won the smackdown by final pinning. He became the sole survivor of the championship.

In 2015 he appeared on Me, He, Her, and The Countdown as Ray Thompson. He’s very famous for using different names for his matches. He has competed as Lopez tonight, silent library, and many different names.

 He has appeared in web series and WWE Network originals he also is a stand-up comedian which is a rare combination for a wrestler.

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Dolph Ziggler Net Worth

This 40 Years old actor cum comedian cum wrestler has a net worth of $6 million.

Dolph Ziggler‘s salary for one year is $1.5 million.

He is still in the contract with WWE that he signed in the year 2004. He is a legendary wrestler and is very well known by wrestling lovers and also is very popular among the children.

Dolph Ziggler Wife

Dolph Ziggler Wife
Dolph Ziggler Wife

This wrestler has dated his female co-wrestlers. Currently, he is rumored to be dating Ashley Mae Sae Bera. But there is no official statement. In the past, he had dated and was very famous for his kid him the wrestling net. He almost has shocked everyone with his bold aura of declaring his partners. At a young time, he was almost dating different partners.

As of 2021, the news is not confirmed but everyone seems to be very interested in his favorite wrestler’s love life. He is not married and there is no news about his marriage too.

Maybe he is planning to shock everyone with his habit of making everyone speechless. Because that’s the Dolph Ziggler we know. Surprising everyone in his own style.

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