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Is Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date Announced?

Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date
Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date

Adult animated shows have gained quite a positive fan following recently. And Big Mouth is one of the biggest among them to have gained such positive feedback. Since the very first season of the series which was released on September 29, 2017, the show has grown and gained quite a big fan following.

Many teens struggle with the challenges of puberty be it physical or social. The series created by the genius team of Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett deals with all these concepts and brings them to viewers in a simple, comic and funny way. Season six of the series was released recently on October 28 and fans are very excited for the new season. The story follows a group of teens as they navigate through high school, love, sex, friendship, puberty and dysfunctional families.

With the release of the sixth season, fans are also eager to learn about the seventh season. Will the show be renewed for a seventh season? Or is season six the last one? Read on to know all the details about Big Mouth in this article.

Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date

Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date

There is some great news for viewers today. The super hit adult animated series Big Mouth is back with the sixth season. Big Mouth season six was just released on October 28, 2022. And with the release of the sixth season, the officials have also announced to the fans the renewal of the seventh season. This has indeed been some very exciting news for fans. Big Mouth has gained a lot of fan following since the release of its first season in September 2017.

Although there has not been any official release date announcement for season seven, it is confirmed that the seventh season is happening. Some fans are speculating that with this early announcement, season seven will be released not long after the end of season six. However, these are just speculations. For now, let’s just enjoy the latest season of Big Mouth as the episodes will be released weekly on Netflix.

Name Of The ShowBig Mouth
Season NumberSeason 7
GenreAdult Series
Big Mouth Season 1 Release Date29 September 2017
Big Mouth Season 7 Release DateNot Announced


Big Mouth Season 7 Story

The main reason for the success of Big Mouth is definitely its storyline. The issues that the show focuses on are something that every one of us has gone through or may be experiencing right now. Yes, the big challenges that puberty throw at us is what the show talks about.

Although it has been confirmed that season seven is happening for sure, the storyline has not been announced yet. So it is difficult to say what plot twists fans can expect in the seventh season. However, keeping in mind the show’s topics so far, we can very well guess that it would be something regarding puberty and adolescence. The storyline of the seventh season will be more or less understandable at the end of the sixth season.

The sixth season has just been released and if you have watched the trailer, you know what it’s going to be. The sixth season appears to be dealing with the whole reproductive process, organs and anything and everything related to it. The group of very confused and sex-crazed teenagers is back with some more hilarious episodes in the new season. Best friends Nick and Andrew will once again explore the challenges of puberty and adolescence. And to accompany them and provide their wholesome yet very confusing advice, the hormone monsters are back too. The hormone monsters- Maurice, Mona, and Connie act as guides and friends to Nick, Andrew, and Missy. These monsters basically impersonate human emotions and are very much over-sexualized. They act as sexual shoulder angels to the teens.

Although just a few episodes of the sixth season have been released, fans can expect some even more hilarious instances in the coming episodes. All their favorite characters are back for this season which also includes the non-living ones. The much-loved character of the ghost of Duke Ellington will definitely be providing Nick with some more attic-ghost advice. Needless to say as Nick and his friends explore the challenges of puberty together, they are not alone in this journey. Apart from the hormone monsters, the ghosts, and their dysfunctional families they also have some very weird non-living objects like a pillow that can get pregnant, the Statue of Liberty with a French accent, and a capsule of Adderall. The most bizarre thing of all is their pubes which often give teens sex advice.
Big Mouth is a very entertaining watch that is bound to give you a good laugh. Nick who is a late bloomer faces multiple challenges that arrive with puberty and a constantly changing body and mind. But all of this is actually portrayed in a very funny and comic manner. Big Mouth has received very positive criticism from viewers and remains one of the most loved shows on Netflix.


Big Mouth Season 7 Cast

Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date
Big Mouth Season 7

Season six of Big Mouth has just been released on Netflix. And all the exciting and hilarious characters are back for the sixth season. Fans are very excited and eager for the sixth season. And it is very likely that the same cast members will return to voice their respective characters.

The main character of the series is Nicholas Arsenio “Nick” Birch. Nick is very insecure regarding his masculinity as he is a late bloomer. This is also the reason why he is bullied in school. The story talks about Nick’s journey in life as he passes through adolescence and his interactions with his very supportive family and friends at school. Nick Kroll voices the character of Nick. Apart from this he also voices several different characters from the series that includes Maurice the Hormone Monster, Coach Steve, Rick the Hormone Monster, Lola Ugfuglio Skumpy, the future version of Nick, and many others. John Mulaney voices Andrew Glouberman, Nick’s best friend. He spends most of his time masturbating and is very much confused about his sexuality.

Jessi Klein voices Jessica Cobain “Jessi” Glaser, a smart girl and one of Nick’s friends. She has a very dysfunctional family. Her father is a drug addict and is unemployed while her mother is having an affair with another woman. Jason Mantzoukas voices the character of Jayzerian Ricflairian “Jay” Bilzerian who is obsessed with magic and sex. Ayo Edebiri voices the character of Melissa “Missy” Foreman-Greenwald. She is often approached by Andrew who is very fond of her. Missy is a shy, nerdy, and kind girl. Although at the beginning of the series, she had a lot of trouble connecting with her other classmates, later on, she matured both physically and mentally. Mona is her hormone monster. Missy often explores her American-African heritage in the series.

Fred Armisen voices Elliot Birch, Nick’s father. Maya Rudolph voices a number of characters that including Connie the Hormone Monstress, her twin sister Bonnie and also Diane Birch who is Nick’s mother. Jordan Peele voices the Ghost of Duke Ellington, who is Nick’s resident attic ghost. Peele has also voiced the ghosts of a number of prominent figures who were featured in the show. This includes Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Atlanta Claus, etc.

Other members of the cast who are seen in recurring roles include Andrew Rannells as Matthew MacDell, Paula Pell as Barbara Glouberman, Richard Kind as Marty Glouberman, Seth Morris as Greg Glaser, Peter Capaldi as Seamus McGregor, Brian Tyree Henry as Elijah, June Diane Raphael as Devin LeSeven, Gina Rodriguez as Gina Alvarez, Chelsea Peretti as Monica Foreman-Greenwald, Harvey Fierstein as Jerome, Bobby Cannavale as Gavin Reeves, Gary Cole as Edward MacDell, Julie White as Kimberly MacDell, Julie Klausner as Cherry Marashina, Thandiwe Newton as Mona, Kristen Schaal as Bernadette “Bernie” Sanders, Jemaine Clement as Simon Sex, Cole Escola as Montel, Rob Huebel as Mr Terry Lizer, David Thewlis as Lionel St. Swithens, Keke Palmer as Rochelle Hillhurst and many more.

Big Mouth Season 7 Trailer

Big Mouth Season 7 Release Date
Big Mouth Season 7

Season six of this animated Netflix series has just dropped. And even though the officials have announced that season seven is definitely happening, a release date has not been announced yet. So a trailer is also not available currently. Once a release date has been announced, a trailer can be available. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for season six which is available online on YouTube. The trailer gives us a pretty good idea about the storyline of the show. In every season Big Mouth deals with some very important teenage problems. This season is all about reproduction and all the details related to it.

Where To Watch Big Mouth Season 7 Online?

Big Mouth is a Netflix exclusive series. So you will definitely get it on Netflix. All the previous seasons are available online. Season six is been aired currently and the first episode just came out on October 28. Once the release date of season seven will be announced, it will also air on Netflix. So get your subscription today and enjoy the sixth season of Big Mouth.


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