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UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date: Will The Anime Be Renewed?

UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date

First released in 2006, UQ Holder has been a very famous anime. The series got rebooted in 2017 when UQ Holder season one was released. The anime ended in December 2017 and fans have been waiting eagerly since then, for the release of the second season. So will UQ Holder season two be renewed? When will the new season of UQ Holder be released? We will answer all these questions in today’s article.

UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date

UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date

Anime fans have been eagerly waiting for the second season of UQ Holder after the first one ended in 2017. UQ Holder is the reboot of the original anime that was released in 2006. However, the reboot has left a lot of fans very disappointed. The reason behind this is that the reboot did not follow the storyline of the manga properly, it left huge pieces from the manga and even had its own storyline. So many anime fans and fans of the UQ Holder manga are considering it as a sequel to the original anime of 2006.

One of the major reasons why the anime may not be getting a second season could very well be this. Due to the low ratings by fans and viewers, the makers are delaying the release of the second season. However, they have not canceled UQ Holder season two. So there is still some hope for fans of getting a second season of UQ Holder. But currently, there have been no announcements regarding the release of UQ Holder season two. The showrunners are very tight-lipped about the anime and it is no use expecting the release date any time soon.

Name of the ShowUQ Holder
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAction, Adventure
UQ Holder Season 1 Release Date2 October 2017
UQ Holder Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
UQ Holder Season 2 Overview


UQ Holder Season 2 May Not Be Happening

The worst news any anime lover can get is definitely this. But this is all speculation. The officials have not given any statement regarding the cancellation of the show or renewal of the show. Fans are left guessing about the future of the anime UQ Holder. But there are some facts that we should take into consideration. First, the ratings of the first season of UQ Holder were not that good. Fans were very disappointed with the reboot.

The anime did not follow the plot of the manga at all and skipped many parts and even had its own storyline. Second, given the storyline of the first season, not much source material is left for the officials to make a second season. Third, the ending of UQ Holder season one also pointed at an independent ending not one in the manga. The story deviated to a great extent from the manga it was supposed to be based on. All these factors have a very strong inclination toward the show getting canceled. But as there have been no official announcements regarding this, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for UQ Holder season two.

What Is The Story Of UQ Holder?

UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date

Let’s take a look at the storyline of UQ Holder. The story centers around Tōta Konoe. This young boy is the grandson of Negi Springfield. He has always dreamt of leaving the small village he lives in and moving to the big city of Shin-Tokyo. One thing that makes him most interested in the city is the tower-like structure rising from the center of the city and disappearing into space.

However, one day when he is about to leave for Shin-Tokyo, he is mortally wounded by a bounty hunter. The hunter was looking for Yukihime. Tōta soon realizes that to save him from being dead, Yukihime has turned him into an immortal vampire. Yukihime himself is a 700-year-old vampire. After coming face to face with his situation, Yukihime takes him and Kuromaru to the secret headquarters of UQ Holder in Shin-Tokyo.

Tōta finds that this is a secret society run by Yukihime that consists of other vampires and people with special abilities. However, they also face a ferocious enemy who is hell-bent on killing them all. So can Tōta defeat this enemy? You will get the answer when you watch the anime.

Where Can You Watch UQ Holder Online?

Youhei Suzuki directed the anime in 2017. UQ Holder season one ended in December 2017. The anime series aired on several television networks. If you are interested in watching the series online then you can check out UQ Holder on the websites of Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video. Season two of UQ Holder has not been announced yet and chances are slim of it happening. But if it is ever released, it is expected to be available online on these sites too.


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